How to Make Your Trade Fair Booth Stand Out

by Carter Toni

Trade fairs are an excellent way to promote your business and keep up to date with the latest news and developments in your industry. It’s an opportunity to network with other professionals, and even customers if the fair is open to members of the public. While getting a booth at a trade fair can be competitive, if you do manage to book one, you’ll also need to think of ways to make your booth stand out from the crowd. Below are a few tips on how you can make your trade fair booth one that people are drawn to and will remember.

Smart Displays

This is an opportunity to display your products and let people know what your business brand is all about. Therefore, you need to be smart in how you are displaying your products and other promotional materials. Use lighting to show off your best products and make them the centerpieces of your display. Having audio/visual displays is also worthwhile, as this can offer a more interesting way to relay information to those visiting your booth and show off what your products can do. If you can, you might also want to schedule times when you are giving demonstrations for your products at your booth.

Hand Out Goody Bags

Everyone loves to get freebies and handing out goody bags at your booth full of branded merchandise and other promotional materials is a great way to attract a crowd. You can fill these bags with free samples of your products, or even some fun novelty gifts like a custom magic 8 ball that people can play with during or after the event. You can even do a limited run of these goody bags so that people will flock to your booth before they run out.

Attractive Décor

Rather than having a boring booth where your brand representatives just sit at a table all day, consider using some attractive décor to make your booth more alluring. Make sure the decorations that you use fit in with your business brand. For example, if you’re selling botanical soaps, perfumes, or hair products, choosing a floral motif would work nicely. Just make sure to check with the trade fair organizers about health and safety regulations to make sure that any decorative additions you have at your booth are in-line with these.

Make Your Booth Comfortable

You might have arranged to have meetings with other businesses at your trade fair and these are great opportunities to discuss potential working relationships with other suppliers and brands in your industry. If you are hosting these meetings at your booth, you will need to create a comfortable environment where you can talk, preferably somewhere private so that you’re talking is not interrupted by other visitors to your booth. Situate your meeting area at the back of the booth, and perhaps even use a curtain as a way to divide this area from the main space. Using cushions and providing refreshments like teas and coffees are also worth it.

If you are heading off to a trade fair this year and have a booth, use these tips to help yours stand out and promote your brand.

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