Top 4 Hikes in Hawaii

by Carter Toni

Hawaii is known for its sandy beaches, beautiful waters, and welcoming island culture, but did you know that it features a diverse range of hiking trails too? With towering waterfalls, magnificent mountain ranges, lush rainforests, and ancient volcanoes, hikers will encounter spectacular views on every trail they venture in Hawaii. With heart-stopping landscapes and breathtaking natural beauty, this tropical paradise is a must-visit for outdoor enthusiasts. Here are a few of the best hiking spots for nature lovers.

Best Short Hike: Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley is an incredibly scenic, natural spot that is perfect for novice hikers. The trail is a 2.5-mile round trip, and the hike down the valley will take the average hiker around 30 to 45 minutes. Once you have made your way down the steep cliff, you will immediately arrive at a black sand beach. Strong swimmers can take a dip in the refreshing ocean, but the rip tides and high surf means that the waters are not suitable for those who are not confident swimmers.

Best Diverse Hike: Waiheʻe Ridge Trail

This varied hiking trail takes around 3 hours to complete, and it is around five miles long in total. Waihe‘e translates to ‘slippery water’ in Hawaiian, but it is suitable for beginners and intermediates. This hike offers beautiful views over the Waihe’e Gorge and Wailuku, and you will find yourself walking through a tropical forest filled with exotic fauna and flora, such as the crimson ʻapapane. Further along, you will catch a glimpse of the magnificent Makamaka‘ole Falls before reaching the 2563 foot summit of Lanilili Peak. Here, you can catch your breath and marvel at the 360-degree panoramic view where you can spot the Haleakalā volcano in this distance.

Most Memorable Volcano Hike: Haleakala Crater Trail

If simply spotting the Haleakalā volcano in the distance is not enough, why not take a 12-mile hike up to the crater instead? This challenging route can take around 6.5 hours to complete, but you will be rewarded with epic views of a surreal landscape with some of the terrain likened to that found on the moon. Hikers who want to attempt this hike should stay in accommodation close to the trailhead so that they can relax and get comfortable after they complete the trail. In Maui, Hawaii resorts are the best places to be for those who love to hike. The comfort of these resorts is welcome after, and before, going on a long hike.

Most Famous Hike: Kalalau Trail

For many hiking aficionados, a trip to Hawaii would not be complete without attempting the infamous Kalalau trail in the Nāpali Coast State Wilderness Park on Kauai island. The trailhead can be found at Ke’e Beach, and during this hike, you will traverse across jaw-droppingly high cliffs and through five stunning valleys before reaching Kalalau Beach 11 miles later. As you travel along this trail, beautiful vistas will open up, and you will enjoy the rugged scenery of the Na Pali Coast.Do you want to know how to prepare yourself for these awesome hikes? Learn how to start hiking today so you can fully enjoy these awesome trails.

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