How to Maximize the Space in your Small Backyard

by Carter Toni

If you have a small backyard, it can seem like there’s just not enough room for outdoor activities and entertaining. However, with a few simple tweaks, you can maximize your space with Shrubhub Backyard Ideas. From vertical gardens to clever furniture solutions, you’ll be able to make the most of your outdoor area no matter how small. Take advantage of every inch of space by creating walkways and seating areas that invite family and friends to gather together in your beautiful backyard oasis.


A small backyard is typically one that is less than 500 square feet.  Making use of the available space in a small backyard can help increase the usable area for activities or landscaping.  This article will provide tips and advice on how to maximize and make the most out of a small backyard.

Assessment of the Space

Measurements should be taken accurately, so as to plan what type of plants or furniture can be accommodated in the given space so as not to overcrowd it.

Knowing which areas get more light allows you to choose appropriate plants which require more sunshine and helps create a cozy atmosphere with adequate lighting fixtures around those areas later on.

Different types of gardens need different types of soil for proper growth and maintenance, hence it is important to identify what type is present before planning any further changes.

Choosing The Right Plants

  • Consider low maintenance plants – Look for plants that do not require too much care or upkeep like succulents, cacti and foliage plants, so as not to clutter up your outdoor space with regular maintenance tasks .
    Choose plants that are suitable for the amount sunlight your backyard receives – Make sure that all selected plants are able to thrive under direct sun exposure or partial shade depending on which areas they are going planted in .
  • Opt for plants that do not grow too tall nor spread too much – It’s important that you select smaller varieties since all can’t fit into such tight confines without them competing against each other for resources like light and air circulation .

Building Vertical Gardens

Walls and fences can act as support surfaces by attaching trellises, hooks or planters boxes at various heights creating an exciting multi dimensional landscape .

Trellises or pergolas act as frames for climbers like ivy, jasmine or wisteria providing extra height while also shading parts of your garden from direct sun exposure .

Installing planter boxes vertically along walls helps create a tiered effect and also conserves floor space for other uses like seating an eating area .

Creating A Relaxing Seating Area

Select pieces which don’t take up too much room but still look stylish enough to enjoy quality time outdoors such as folding chairs & tables .

Get creative when picking out furniture pieces; multiple purpose pieces like ottomans with storage facilities save floor space while being both functional & chic

Having eye catching features draw attention away from just how limited space there really is while also doubling up as outdoor décor items adding character & charm .

Add Lighting To Your Backyard

Installing strategically placed lights help define individual spaces within one big confined area by highlighting certain spots making them stand out while illuminating pathways leading into them .

Solar powered lights are environmentally friendly options ideal for smaller yards since they don’t require an external power supply thus saving time , money & effort .

Dimly lit corners allow guests feel welcome & relaxed making hosting gatherings much easier than ever before

Bottom line

Making the most out of a small backyard may seem daunting at first, but with a little creativity and some Shrubhub Backyard Ideas, you’ll be able to maximize your outdoor space while making it look great! Utilize vertical gardening techniques to create pathways and seating areas that make the most of every inch of available space. Use furniture pieces that double as storage and feature decorative elements like artwork or plant stands to add character and charm. With these tips, your small backyard will become an inviting escape where friends and family will want to gather!

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