How To Pin Comments on The Instagram App!

by Sean Dixon


Users may now pin comments on Instagram so that they appear at the top of their comment stream for any post. In fact, it’s really simple to add a pinned comment to your article.

Find the remark you want to move to the top of the list to begin managing comments. This could be a witty remark regarding your content, a remark with further details, or virtually anything.

Slide it from right to left once you’ve found the comment simply swipe. There will be four icons for various interactions, including one for reporting, one for removing, and one for pinning the remark. The comment-pinning icon resembles a little pushpin.

On any of your posts, you have the option to pin up to three comments. If you change your mind, you may also unpin comments. Simply tap the remark once more and swipe left to right to uncheck the pin symbol.

Recall how, in May, Instagram began testing pinned comments as a means of preventing online bullying? Members had the option to bulk delete comments while additional anti-cyberbullying measures were being tested. Users are already able to delete several comments at once.

In order to respond to the query, the following clarifications are necessary:

Instagram Comment Removal Instructions

Tap the comment you want to delete., then swiftly swipe left on the screen without taking your fingertip off the smartphone to remove it from somebody else’s Instagram post. There will be two options: a grey arrow and a red trash bin. Tap the trash can to take the comment out.

Like before, swipe left to delete a comment someone else has written on one of your Instagram posts. A grey pushpin, a speech bubble, and a red garbage can will all be present. Shake the garbage can. This way you can mass delete comments even though you want a few comments to be deleted or you may delete your own comments, negative comments, unwanted comments or simply to say you can manage comments thread.

How to Pin Comments on Instagram

How to save comments on Instagram. A maximum of three of your comments may be pinned. Where you ask?  To the top of the comment stream on your own Instagram account using  the pin icon With this method, you are the first to read your content and offer a comment.

Swipe left on an Instagram comment, then tap the gray pushpin. When you view this screen, your initial comment will be highlighted.

When you pin a comment, the comment’s author is always informed.

How to Edit Comments on Instagram

You cannot edit comments that have already been made on Instagram. Delete the comment and start over is the easiest way to “edit” an unintentionally posted comment.

Even better, you can actively respond to yourself in a dialogue by saying and altering your own comments. Click “Reply” just below the comment to start.

How to Turn off Comments on Instagram

If you don’t want people to be able to make comments on your posts or if one of your articles is receiving a lot of nasty criticism that you wish to erase and prevent from happening again to avoid cyberbullying, you can completely block commenting.

The three horizontal dots on the post’s upper right corner should be struck first. A menu then appears after that. To stop comments, select Turn off commenting and get rid of cyberbullying.

How to Limit Comments on Instagram

Instead of turning off comments completely, you can limit comments, accounts, or a certain amount of time. This is a feasible short-term solution if you think that multiple people are interfering with communication with you or your business via the app.

Move to profile page on Instagram and click the lines in the top right to begin limiting comments. After that, click Settings. Next, choose Privacy. move on to Limits.

From Instagram’s limits page, you can choose to indefinitely block inappropriate comments and messages. You can decide to block specific accounts. that don’t follow you and those that just started to follow you. You may pick to impose a limit that lasts for a day or for up to 4 weeks.

How to Block Comments on Instagram

If you’re harassed or just irritated, you can stop certain persons from posting a comment on your posts. Select Comments under Settings, Privacy to prevent certain users from leaving comments. Entering their usernames in this box will prevent them from leaving comments on any of your Reels, photos, or videos.

How To Hide Comments On Instagram Which Include Particular Words

Give Instagram a list of words to not allow on your page. A list of specific words, which is an excellent tool and a great feature. Another helpful anti-harassment option is if you frequently receive unpleasant or vulgar comments. To do this, select Privacy from the Settings menu. Select Hidden Words next.

Instagram can be programmed to automatically filter out comments on its own list of offensive ones. To do this, follow the same steps as before by going to Settings > Privacy > Hidden Words. Select Hide Comments and Advanced Comment Filtering under Offensive Words & Phrases. In the near future, Instagram will conceal comments it deems to be potentially objectionable.

What “Do Comments” on Instagram Mean?

In response to a posted picture, clip, or video, a user can post an Instagram comment. Before publishing a comment on Instagram, remember that everyone can see it. On the other hand, because direct communications travel to the user’s mailbox, only the user can see them.

Tap the speech bubble symbol in the lower left or right corner of a photo, video, or reel to make a comment.

Why Are Comments On Instagram So Crucial?

We would want to contribute there. Extending beyond a straightforward reply, comments have a significant impact on how customers view your company as authentic and can affect how recently they read your postings.

Commentary Fosters Community

Comments can assist boost engagement overall because they are the only direct way your Instagram followers can communicate with you. Similar to the contrast betwixt publishing anything on a local bulletin board and mailing it, more people are likely to post something on the board since more people will see it.

Instagram’s algorithm

Instagram’s algorithm takes comments into account when determining rankings Despite being a tricky and rather enigmatic monster, the algorithm of Instagram, we have created a comprehensive instructional. In other words, this social networking platform’s algorithm decides which of the posts are underlined on the Explore tab, which of the posts are at the top of people’ newsfeeds, and which posts show in which order throughout posts, Stories, video contents.

One of the many variables that affects how frequently people visit your material is the number of comments. More feedback demonstrates that more individuals have heard of your company, which increases the number of followers.

Comments are a first-rate service resource for customers

Customers who post questions in comments have the option to reply, and other users may have the opportunity to see your reply if you do. If you do this, queries that ask the same question repeatedly won’t come your way.

Comments convince potential followers of your legitimacy

Contrary to appearances, purchasing Instagram followers won’t immediately improve the credibility of your brand. Furthermore, unlike genuine people, those bot accounts are not able to post comments on your posts.

Someone with 22,000 followers but only 20–25 comments every post doesn’t seem as honest as someone with 1000 followers but 2-3 comments per post.

Alternatively, don’t pay for comments. More frequent, positive comments from real users will help your Instagram account than will any number of comments from bots.

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