How to Plan a “Lockdown Wedding” with Easy and Elegant Ethnic Styles

by Carter Toni

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly a daunting task, even under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, unexpected events bring about lockdowns and make weddings look like wistful dreams.

However, it is possible to plan a lockdown wedding by following the necessary safety protocols. It would be best to consider easy and elegant ethnic styles to make your wedding memorable and unique. After all, an easy plan will likely succeed because it can be easily executed.

With that said, here are some of the things to consider in a lockdown wedding plan.

1. Clothing

The bride, the groom, and the bridal team need elegant clothing to match the wedding theme. You can go for dresses and suits that give your wedding a cultural theme and feel, depending on your preference or your culture.

For instance, velvet fabric suits look elegant for a groom and his team in a cultural-themed lockdown wedding. You can also consider velvet fabric dresses for the bridesmaids to complement the suits worn by the groom and his team.

However, regardless of your choice, you will need to ensure there’s an elegant cultural and ethnic aspect present.

2. Venue

Considering that it’s a lockdown wedding, the venue will be a significant consideration. It should be carefully selected because it serves as the epicenter that will hold all the other elements together.

Moreover, your photographer, catering team, videographer, make-up artist, and guests will all be accommodated there. Therefore, it’s best to ensure the venue is well-lit to ensure that the videographers and photographers can take the best photos to capture your special moments.

Additionally, the venue should match your wedding theme. This means your wedding venue should also stick to your preferred elegant and ethnic style.

3. Virtual Audience

Lockdowns mean that physical movement is restricted. Therefore, only a small number of guests can attend the wedding physically, and the rest will follow the proceedings virtually. You can take advantage of today’s digital innovations to allow your guests to participate virtually.

For the virtual participants, you’ll need to send out digital invitations in the form of a link and a password. Doing so will make your work easier because the guests can join the wedding by just clicking on the invitation links.

4. Safety

Lockdowns were imposed to address the situation at hand, such as the recent pandemic. For instance, lockdowns were set to curb the spread of the virus and keep people safe.

Therefore, you need to ensure that everyone adheres to the established COVID-19 safety measures during a lockdown wedding. For example, those who will participate in the wedding physically must constantly sanitize, wear face masks, and practice social distancing.

Moreover, depending on why the lockdowns are imposed, the wedding organizers must also consider the attendants’ safety.

5. Guest List

A lockdown wedding can only have a few guests because there are restrictions on the number of attendees to any social gathering during lockdowns. Some governments limit the number of attendees to 100, which means your guest list should not exceed this limit.

Final Thoughts

Planning a wedding is undoubtedly tricky. It’s even more challenging when there are lockdowns because so many things can change at a moment’s notice. However, if you have the right team and resources, you can plan a lockdown wedding with easy and elegant ethnic styles.

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