How to Recover Pictures On SD Card Not Showing On Computer

by Carter Toni

Thanks to an ever-increasing demand for good material, there has been a constant flood of media devices with outstanding recording capabilities—everyone from a novice photographer to seasoned pro uploads their work on the internet. Your memory cards are crucial for recording and retaining all of the information. When your memory cards are full, it’s only natural to move all of the contents to your computer so you can create room for additional images and movies.

Your SD card is inserted into the system, but the images do not appear on the computer. You connect with a card reader and try different USB ports, but you still can’t see any data. Virus infection, hidden files, faulty cards, and a defective card reader are some of the causes of this error.

Let’s look at some of the possible solutions to this problem. This article will provide you with the answers. After reading this article, you will be able to efficiently resolve the issue of SD card data recovery and images on an SD card not showing up on the computer.

SD card photo recovery

If the photographs on your SD card aren’t showing up on your computer, first troubleshoot the SD card. You can view the pictures on the SD card once the faults linked to hardware, file system failures, or other logical difficulties have been resolved. Try using the SD card photo recovery service if you still can’t fix SD card problems. You may reformat the SD card later if you want to use it again.

Here are some tips for recovering pictures from an SD card,

1. Restart Your System

It is a quick remedy for photographs on an SD card that aren’t showing up on your computer. The log or temporary files causing the SD card problem can be removed by restarting your computer. After that, the files on the SD card will be viewable.

2. Change The Card Slot

If the photographs on your SD card aren’t viewable on your computer but are on your camera, your computer’s SD card reader or SD card port may be broken.  Use a different card reader or a different SD card slot on your laptop to see if it helps.

3. Remove SD Card Write Protection

You can’t read, modify, or save data on an SD card that is locked or write-protected. Make sure the SD card switch on the side of the device is switched on. If the memory card is read-only, use the disk part tool to remove the write-protection and view the photographs.

4. Unhide Image Files On SD Card

Perhaps the photographs on your SD card are hidden. A viral infection can make files on removable media disappear. As a result, you won’t be able to see any of the photographs you’ve saved on your SD card.

5. Get Photo Recovery Software For SD Cards

When images fail to appear on an SD card, the quickest option is to utilize the finest SD card recovery software available. Stellar Photo Recovery, for example, can recover misplaced or deleted photographs from any SD card, regardless of volume or brand. The software can work in any circumstance, whether your images are hidden, destroyed, or not visible due to virus infection or damage.

Camera RAW files, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, and other picture file types may be restored without losing their original visual quality. It’s quick and straightforward to operate. Both Windows and macOS versions of Stellar Photo Recovery are available.

6.  Check Disk Can Help You fix SD card Issue

Use Windows’ Check Disk utility if you can’t view photographs on your SD card. This program will scan your SD card for faults and correct them.

Locate the drive associated with the SD card in Windows Explorer. Then, right-click on your SD card drive and select Properties from the drop-down menu. In the Error-checking area of the Tools tab, click the ‘Check Now’ button.


If your photographs aren’t showing up on your SD card, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them. The pictures are still on there and can be restored if they haven’t been overwritten. First, attempt to resolve any SD card-related difficulties. Remove SD card write-protection or unhide the data using Windows’ check disc software. If none of these solutions work, install photo recovery software on your computer. Check if the recovery tool is safe and works with your memory card. If you recover pictures from an SD card, don’t forget to reformat the SD card so it can be used again.

It’s a little excessive to be unable to access your photos. Even though there are several inquiries on the internet, individuals continue to have difficulties with the issue. If you still face the same issue then you can consult with recovery experts for data recovery services.

his article has answered the topic by demonstrating the root of the problem, the many circumstances that might arise, and how to resolve each of them.

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