Best crypto trader account

by Carter Toni

What is the best crypto trader account? In this guide, we will explain which and how to recognize the best crypto brokers that guarantee the best conditions, and which should be avoided because they are unreliable or not very convenient.

Cryptocurrencies have received a lot of media attention due to the high returns that Bitcoin (and many other cryptocurrencies) have generated in recent years. For the first time, even people with little experience or who knew absolutely nothing until yesterday approached the world of cryptocurrencies.

Obviously, in order to do this safely, it is fundamentally important to make a thoughtful choice of your investment partner.

Therefore, in this review, we compared online brokers and exchanges in order to have a complete picture of all market participants. Finally, we have selected only the safest ones, as well as the most popular ones.

However, one aspect that needs to be clear before investing in cryptomondo is that of the two categories, only brokers are officially licensed and therefore can guarantee high security standards for clients and their money.

What are the best platforms to buy cryptocurrencies? In terms of the quality of services offered and investment conditions, the most popular here are:

1. eToro

eToro is an excellent option for those who decide to trade cryptocurrencies, whether they have a good background or do not even know what cryptocurrencies are.

2. com is one of the best platforms for cryptocurrency trading, able to guarantee simplicity and spreads close to zero (obviously with zero commissions and without any kind of cost).

3. XTB

XTB is one of the platforms to buy cryptocurrencies suitable for both beginners and professionals.

4. Iq Option

Iq Option is one of the beginner’s favorite cryptocurrency trading platforms. Not only is it very simple and intuitive (some say it is the most intuitive trading platform ever) but also because it allows you to start with just 10 euros.

5. AvaTrade

Choosing AvaTrade to trade digital currencies means relying on one of the best cryptocurrency platforms ever.

6. Plus500

Plus500 is one of the most reliable and famous CFD cryptocurrency trading platforms in Europe, available in Italian and dozens of other languages.

7. Coinbase

So let’s move on to Coinbase, the number one exchange platform for buying cryptocurrencies and storing them safely.

8. Binance

So let’s move on to Binance, the second largest exchange by number of customers after Coinbase.

9. Kraken

So let’s move on to Kraken another highly rated cryptocurrency exchange. The platform is known for both its high liquidity levels and the high number of Bitcoin transactions recorded.

10. com

We close our ranking of the best cryptocurrency platforms with, the exchange born with the mission of accelerating transactions in the world of cryptocurrencies.

How to choose the best cryptocurrency platforms

Here are 5 steps to choose where to buy cryptocurrencies:

  1. Check for official licenses and regulations
  2. Check if there are fixed execution costs
  3. Open a free demo account to practice
  4. Check for the most famous and capitalized cryptocurrencies
  5. Make a deposit and start investing

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