How to Recruit the Best Digital Marketing Talent

by Carter Toni

Hiring a digital marketing personnel with a high experience can be a lot of struggle, especially when you are new in the business. Below are a few tips that might take your game from zero to hundred pretty quick.

1. Assess who you need and the skills they possess

Are you in need of recruits for which roles?

Starting with defining your team’s structure and evaluating your roles is a good place to start.

RASCI, or Responsible, Accountable, Supporting, Consulting, and Informed, assists you in mapping out integration with your existing marketing personnel, including defining responsibilities among others.

Organize your team into a matrix by dividing them by disciplines along the sides, and list every member of your team under individual responsibility, accountability, and so on. The wider business community should know what your team will be doing and how, as knowing what your team will do and how can be valuable to stakeholders.

Having a technical expert on hand to assist with specific requirements and key objectives will help to keep your digital strategy and vision in focus.

2. Make Your Company More Attractive

By offering competitive salaries and benefits, your company can stand out from the crowd and attract more prospects.

Employees today expect corporate social responsibility and work-life balance, as well as training and career advancement opportunities. Advertise your company’s appeal to potential employees on your social media, website, and hiring process.

3. Decide what recruitment strategy to use

What are your plans for finding and retaining talent?

Your search process should be chosen wisely.

There are several ways to recruit: you can trust a specialist recruiter, gather a small group of hiring managers, or do it alone. If you want to assess experience, behavior, and technical capabilities, you need to employ the appropriate skills.

To reach the best possible talent pool, you should also tap into active and passive candidates. This group makes up about 80% of the market.

To recruit candidates, you need to reach out to profiles that match your requirements on linkedin, for example, those who hold a position or job title in their description, down a level from the one you’re looking for but are capable of taking the next step in their career. This would enable your company to raise its online profile and be recognized as an employer of choice.

Employing social media, competitor websites, and Digital Marketing Recruitment consultants as part of a headhunting campaign is a specific, targeted approach to finding candidates. Establishing whether you and your potential candidates are aligned will assist you in determining if you are a good fit.

4. Online presence of the company

As part of a comprehensive strategy, you should improve your website in order to attract digital marketers. Career pages and unique content can be used to reinforce your brand and highlight the benefits of your organization, in addition to providing clarity regarding your organization’s goals.

Making sure a candidate has a good experience on your website means making sure:

  • You can easily navigate the site
  • Application processes have been streamlined
  • All parts of the site are mobile-friendly

5. Create a smooth interviewing process

How are you going to conduct your screening?

It is highly important that you plan and structure your interview well, so you can draw out the best characteristics of the candidate from their CV.

It will be imperative for you to follow a consistent interviewing process, that you pitch your opportunities confidently, and that you align them with the priorities of candidates.

If you do not have a thorough understanding of the subject or specialization, you should have the assistance of a technical expert during the interview.

During the interview process, get outside expertise or work with a specialist.

You should be thorough when interviewing candidates, but avoid over-interviewing so that you do not lose potential employees. In general, the better prepared, composed, and planned your interviews are, the more likely you are to require fewer rounds.

6. Collaborate with an agency.

Recruiters who are having difficulty finding and hiring candidates on their own can benefit significantly from the services of staffing agencies that specialize in interviewing applicants for hiring in digital marketing jobs.

An agency can give access to a wide selection of qualified prospects, even passive candidates not readily available elsewhere.

There is a dearth of skilled digital marketers, and even more difficulty attracting it. When employers are competing for qualified candidates, recruiters need to come up with a winning strategy for a labor-driven market. The tools at an organization’s disposal – from establishing a powerful brand to collecting employees or partnering with a recruitment firm – are vital for those seeking to build a digital marketing team.

Look into agencies that hire for digital marketing talent and have a proven track of providing the best candidates for the job.

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