How To Store Cryptocurrency

by Glenn Maxwell

Buying, selling, and trading cryptocurrency can be an exciting process. While it may seem complicated at first, the crypto market is much easier to understand when you break it down. Start by understanding what is needed to begin buying and selling cryptocurrency so you can trade successfully.

How To Store Cryptocurrency


Security and safety are one of the main concerns involved in the crypto market. While you may hear about cryptocurrency hacks being on the rise, know there are several ways to protect yourself and minimize the risks involved. It is first important to research the exchange platforms and coins you are interested in using. When you are ready to set up your crypto wallet and trading account, make sure you use a strong password. Decide how much cryptocurrency you want to store in your wallets and what type of wallets you will use. With multiple accounts and various strong passwords, you will limit your exposure to potential hackers. Use a trusted password manager to help retain your information and prevent getting locked out of an account in case you forget your password. With a few precautionary measures, you can avoid scams and maximize your potential investments.

Cold Wallets

Use a cold wallet to store your cryptocurrency safely and securely. Cold wallets are not connected to the internet. To access your cryptocurrency in a cold wallet, you must manually connect to a compatible software or computer device. A paper wallet is a type of cold wallet that minimizes risk and stores your cryptocurrency completely offline. These types of wallets come with a paper key for you to safely store. Many people will store these paper wallets in safe deposit boxes or another secure form of storage to prevent theft. You can also choose to get a hardware wallet that uses a USB drive instead of paper to store your private keys. Cold wallets are best for long-term investments that require high levels of security. These wallets are typically the most secure but they do require more steps to set up and use.

Hot Wallets

Online wallets are called hot wallets. They are always connected to the internet via a phone, tablet, or computer. Because of this constant connection, they are more vulnerable to hackers and scams. Always keep your private keys stored securely and do not share them with anyone. A hot wallet can be extremely convenient for accessing your coins and making fast transactions. These types of wallets are best for storing small amounts of cryptocurrency and actively trading on an exchange. You do not want to keep all your funds in one location. Just like you would separate your checking and savings accounts, you also want to separate your cryptocurrency for trading from your cryptocurrency for saving. Always look for two-factor authentication and use a safe internet browser when setting up your wallet.

You don’t need a lot to get started buying and selling cryptocurrency. Trading cryptocurrency is both easy and accessible. To make wise investments and trade more confidently, it’s important to understand the basics of the crypto market.  

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