How to upload or download Instagram video in the best quality + free IG downloader

by Carter Toni

Instagram is made up of photos and video content! But it is impossible to download a video from Instagram to the device directly. Moreover, it is difficult to upload videos to Instagram in the ideal quality. Both processes of downloading/uploading consist of a variety of actions. In this article, we’ll try to cover both and tell you all useful tips for 2022. 

IG downloader tool for getting video in the best quality from Instagram 

There are a number of solutions to problems for those who do not know how to download a video from Instagram in the best quality. This can be done with the help of an app, or with the ability to see the hidden code. We can offer the simplest way how to download Instagram videos. It is a web service. You don’t need to install any soft and feel somehow linked to the device you work on – with this Inflact IG downloader you can save videos both from PC, or smartphone.

How to download an Instagram Story, video, photo, or Reels?

  1. Go to the website/app
  2. Find the profile of the person or business that you want to download, and get a link to a video you’d like to get
  3. Copy the link
  4. Enter it into the search bar of the IG downloader
  5. Choose a place on your device to save the video

Downloading content is possible from most of the Instagram public accounts. However, remember that each video has the author’s rights.

By the way, when you’re viewing and downloading videos from Instagram through the Inflact tool, it is 100% confidentiality. Nobody will know!

The Inflact service works online and does not require installation. All operations are completely anonymous.

Tips to upload a video in the best quality

The publication of video clips on Instagram is a bit hard if you want to publish the best quality on your account. What is important to make your video look great on Instagram? A few tips – from technical requirements to the circumstances of uploading.

Technical requirements for Instagram video uploading

First, what will influence the quality of video for uploading, – its technical characteristics. Ideally, they are:

  • The video file format is MP4 (ready for Windows or Android) or MOV (supported by Apple products).
  • Size of the clip up to 128 megabytes.
  • Dimensions are 4:5 or 1:1. For Story, it must be in procurement 9:16.
  • Code – H.264
  • Bitrate – 3000 kbps and higher.

Ok, you’ve done your best and all of these parameters were reached brilliantly. But the quality of the uploaded video is still poor? What more can influence the quality of video you’re uploading on Instagram?

Technical circumstances of a video uploading

  1. Bad quality Internet integration.
  2. Exhaustion in applications.
  3. Old and not updated version of Instagram.

Try to meet all of these requirements, and this will help you to upload Instagram videos in the best quality possible. This social media has already been transformed into a comprehensive source of information for different groups of users. Use it at full power!

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