How To Wear a Human Hair Wig to Make it Look Natural?

by Carter Toni

1. The Wig Made of 100% human hair

Human hair wig is one of the best wigs in the hair market. These wigs are made of 100% human hair, they are durable, can be dyed and permed at your will, you will have a natural look with that.

2. The Cap Size Fits Your Head

Picking a human hair wig that perfectly fits your head is crucial. A wig that loosely fits you will unnatural, a human hair wig that’s too tight will hurt the scalp and make the wearer feel uncomfortable.

3. Pluck the Human Hair Wig

If you buy a human hair wig that is not already plucked, you need to pluck the hair along the hairline to make it look natural, because some hair around the hairline is unnatural will affect the whole look.

4. Cut the Lace to Fit Your Face

Lace wigs come with additional lace that covers the forehead. You need to cut the extra lace before you secure the wig, and be sure to have some baby hair that to keep.

5. Add Makeup Powder to Match Your Skin

A makeup powder can make the wig look more real and match the scalp. It is better to use translucent powder or something similar to your skin tones.

6. Maintain Your Human Hair Wigs Regularly

When we wear a human hair wig for a long time, it will look dry and unnatural. so we should maintain the human hair wigs regularly to make your hair look smooth and supple, or you can get at least two or three wigs to wear them alternately: Headband Wigs, V Part Wigs, U Part Wigs, Lace Frontal Wigs, Lace Closure Wigs.

Where to Buy a Natural Human Hair Wig?

Lovemuse can make sure that the 100% human hair stays in frizzy pristine condition and it is never treated with harsh chemicals, heat or color additives.

Lovemuse adopts high-quality lace and advanced floating button technology to make the lace look more natural, breathable and have a hazy beauty. It has a longer use time and makes you look noble and beautiful.

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