How You Can Avoid Getting Bullied on the Internet

by Carter Toni

Cyberbullying is real and it’s spread more than we care to admit. It’s not that a certain group of people are bullies. Actually, we are bullies and we don’t even realize it. It could be personal hatred or inferiority complex that triggers it, but it has become very normal to disrespect others on the internet.

First of all, you should look into your own collar to ensure that you are not bullying others. If you see that you have hurt someone no matter how they have offended you, then you are also no less than a bully too. You should start by improving yourself and then work on protecting yourself from others. Here I’ve discussed what you can do to ensure no one bullies you on the internet.

Avoid Posting Personal Information

Never share anything that tells the world anything about you. We like to share pictures and videos and the location of places we visit, but it’s not safe. You attract more than just bullies through such postings.

When you share your personal information, you might show them a weakness. People actually get bullied because of their looks even in the twenty-first century. It’s a world where people are judged on the color of their skin. Your one picture or status can give bullies a thousand reasons.

Don’t Share Any Vulnerability

People take advantage of the weak. You should not share your feelings or anything that makes you appear vulnerable on the internet. If you have to discourse, you should write about it and get it published on The Doe.

They will keep the information of the author confidential with them. This will allow you to talk about anything without the fear of getting judged or bullied.

Limit the Number of People Who See Your Posts

Don’t keep adding everyone in your social circle online. Just because you have met a few times or you see them in the office doesn’t mean that they are your friends. Only add people as friends that you know are your friends.

You should also know about the nature of people in your friend list. There might be some friends who are not very open-minded. With every post, you should limit the number of people who should be able to see it.

Ignore Messages from Strangers

It’s not uncommon to receive messages from strangers in the inbox. Females have to particularly face this form of harassment almost every day. First, never ever respond to any such text. Don’t even say anything to offend them.

The best thing you can do is ignore them. In fact, you should also avoid opening those texts so you don’t have to see anything offensive.

Avoid Discussing Controversial Topics

You have an opinion; so does everyone else. You should keep your opinion to yourself if you want to keep a good relationship with many people in your friend circle.

These things divide people and not everyone is open-minded enough to accept differences. If you are to share anything controversial, do it anonymously on a platform that allows anonymous discourse.

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