Iksa Group CEO’s Involvement in Tearing Posters of Israeli Civilians!

by Moore Martin

Iksa Group CEO Caught Tearing Posters Of Israeli Civilians

In this article, we will delve into the details surrounding Ahmad Khatib, a figure who has recently garnered significant attention on the internet due to his involvement in an incident related to Israeli civilian posters. We will not only provide insights into who Ahmad Khatib is but also offer an overview of the recent news surrounding him.

Who is Ahmad Khatib?

Ahmad Khatib, the Chief Executive Officer of Iksa Group, an architectural consulting firm based in Brooklyn, New York, has found himself in the spotlight for an unfortunate incident. Khatib’s journey in academia led him to the City University of New York’s (CUNY) New York City College of Technology (City Tech), where he pursued studies in architectural technology.

The controversy arose when it was alleged that Ahmad Khatib, in his role as CEO of Iksa Group, participated in the removal of posters depicting Israeli citizens who had been abducted by Hamas terrorists and were being held captive in Gaza. When confronted about his actions, Khatib defended himself by stating, “You have to have a license to do this.”

This incident occurred amid the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas, a conflict that had already generated significant debate and discussion on various social media platforms. Notably, on October 7, 2023, militant Palestinian groups, primarily Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad, in conjunction with organizations like the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, launched a substantial rocket barrage and attacks targeting Israeli communities along the border, utilizing vehicles originating from the Gaza Strip.

In response to these developments, the protest group known as Kaplan Force decided to cancel its planned rally against Israeli judicial reform on October 7 and instead extended support to the Israel Defence Force (IDF) during the crisis. Other protest groups, including Forum 555 and Brothers in Arms, also called upon reservists to report for duty if required.

Furthermore, this conflict had repercussions beyond the immediate military actions. Senior managers and other Israeli Arabs faced restrictions on their participation in certain construction projects in Jerusalem, which, in turn, limited access for Jews and foreign laborers.

The roots of this conflict trace back to the election of the Islamist political party Hamas in the Gaza Strip in 2005 and 2006. Subsequent developments, including the division of governance between Fatah in the West Bank and Hamas in Gaza and the violent overthrow of Fatah by Hamas, further intensified the situation.

In conclusion, Ahmad Khatib, the CEO of Iksa Group, has come under scrutiny for his involvement in the removal of posters related to Israeli citizens during a period of heightened tension in the region. This incident underscores the complexity of the ongoing conflict and its far-reaching implications.


  1. Why were posters of Israeli civilians being removed in the first place?

    The removal of these posters was part of a broader context of conflict and tensions between Israel and Hamas, leading to various actions and reactions.

  2. What is the significance of Kaplan Force’s support for the IDF?

    Kaplan Force’s decision to support the IDF reflects the polarized sentiments surrounding the conflict, with different groups taking varying stances.

  3. How did the conflict between Fatah and Hamas contribute to the situation?

    The internal power struggle within Palestinian leadership played a role in the intensification of the conflict.

  4. Were there any diplomatic efforts to address the situation?

    Diplomatic efforts have been ongoing, but the conflict remains complex and challenging to resolve.

  5. What are the potential implications of this incident for Ahmad Khatib’s career and reputation?

    The incident may have consequences for Ahmad Khatib’s professional standing, depending on public perception and any legal actions that may follow.

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