Importance of Digital Marketing for Your Business

by Carter Toni

digital marketing

Businesses compete to acquire and retain customers who search for brands online. 80% of shoppers said they researched or browsed online before buying, while only 20% said they bought on impulse in November 2022.

Branding and digital marketing together can help your business gain a competitive advantage. Discover how digital marketing can help you reach your prospects, stay in touch with them, and become loyal buyers.

Target Online Customers

Your company’s website and social media accounts should be accessible to customers. They may also read reviews to get a sense of what other people think of your business. Google reports 78% of consumers spend more time researching brands online than in stores. 

Digital marketing channels allow you to target individuals by age, gender, income level, location, job title, interests, and more. You can use free analytics tools associated with platforms like Google and Facebook to determine who follows your page or visits your website.

Research Your Competition

For your business to succeed, you can research what your competition is doing and learn from it. Examining your competitors’ online activity can give you an idea of what marketing channels are working and which aren’t.

You can find out what platforms they use if they focus on keyword-oriented content, and whether they use influencers to drive traffic to their products.

Digital marketing tools such as the Google Analytics benchmark option compare your data relating to devices, locations, and channels with other companies in your industry. As you analyze the data, you see where your focus should be, where your competition is, and where your problems are.

benchmark option

Quick Tracking, Monitoring, and Optimizing Marketing Campaigns

Digital marketing tools allow you to track many metrics to see your marketing campaign’s performance. By analyzing online traffic, you can learn which types of digital marketing convert best and which devices your audience prefers. This data allows you to calculate the ROI of different channels and identify the most effective campaigns.

You can adjust your campaigns in real-time with digital marketing to improve results. If a particular ad or landing page fails to perform well, you can try different versions to find one that resonates with your customers.

Adapt to Changing Customer Behavior

Marketing strategies need to evolve along with changing customer behavior. During the pandemic, 75% of American consumers have tried a new store, brand, or shopping method.

Using a performance branding agency helps you adapt to these behavioral changes. Part of what is performance branding includes:

  • Relying on customer data to inform changes to your brand and marketing campaigns
  • Changing your brand’s logo and colors to make your brand more identifiable
  • Developing brand messaging to foster an emotional attachment with future buyers
  • Selecting media channels and ad platforms that will reach as many potential buyers as possible

Enhance the Interactive Experience Through Digital Marketing

Interacting with your customers in real-time is possible through their smartphone or desktop. For example, live-streaming your business’ Instagram page introduces your products and vision to your customers and starts engagement with them.

There are other integrated media solutions to target customers who are ready to buy from you:

  • Use paid social media ads with creative copy and assets to target audiences
  • Have influencers promote your products and services to their followers
  • Include calls-to-action (CTAs) in your email marketing campaigns

Other marketing channels help you target buyers who want to know more about your business:

  • Produce helpful, valuable short-form and long-form videos
  • Optimize your blog and social media posts with SEO keywords
  • Create CTV ads that appear within streaming content and TV shows

Transform the Marketing Capabilities of Your Business

Digital marketing tools and creative solutions help you target your audience and automate marketing campaigns. Your company can also use them to measure the performance of your marketing campaigns.

With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can develop a robust SEO strategy, consistent social media campaigns, and a strong content marketing strategy to reach more customers and engage them.

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