Important Features of An Online Hiring Assessment Platform!

by Sean Dixon

Companies commonly employ interviews to select the best candidates for their open positions. A candidate’s industry expertise, personality qualities, and capacity for observation get examined during an assessment phase of the interview process. By studying the various interview questions and knowing the appropriate questions to ask during a screening session, NinjaInterview may assist You in learning essential information about a job candidate. This article defines interview evaluations, examines the many kinds, and offers a few sample inquiries you might use.

Assessment Management:

Create several assessments for the hiring process that include all pertinent information from the assessment exams, including the job position, the job description, the guidelines, and the application details. Create a variety of online assessment for marketing, human resources, developers, or anything else you like, and include questions in various formats in the assessment tests. Change the category you’ve created by naming it and giving it a description that accurately captures the topic.

Monitor performance:

Thanks to digitization, businesses can now keep an eye on examinations even when they are located distant from the applicants. The company can monitor exam takers’ actions while they are at home. The firms will therefore be able to respond if they see any unusual activity. The online exam processes get completed impartially and within the allotted time frame using this business-based approach. It’s also against the law for unauthorized users to take the exam of other applicants. Bias in hiring is possible if a corporation employs software but does not have a feature for monitoring candidate performance.

Video Interviews:

The availability of pre-recorded video interview frequently begins and ends at set times. During this time, you take notes and give them to the interviewer so they can review them later. Make a sample exam that candidates can take to get a feel for the format before taking the real thing.


To save time, use a virtual hiring tool that requests video responses from applicants. On all platforms, one-way video interviews get supported. It gets advised that candidates take their time and re-record any necessary responses. You might shorten the interview process and save time by implementing automated screening interviews.

Tracking of applicants:

When evaluating the performance of your applicants on exams, our performance evaluation tool delivers the most accurate findings possible. Using this straightforward application, you may gather applicant information from applicants, such as names, email addresses, cover letters, and CVs. Real-time notifications on your mobile device allow you to receive information swiftly and stay informed, which helps to avoid communication breakdowns.

Test Evaluation System:

The test evaluation system uses a wide range of question types extensively. You can also include yes/no questions, general inquiries, and multiple-choice questions in addition to the opening text and numerical data. A score may determine by employing the following set of predefined answers to questions. Numerous methods of evaluation assessment have been used, including percentages, averages, standards for each grade level, predetermined performance goals, and raw scores. Hiring managers may now assess candidates more quickly while they are on the go to the automated evaluation.

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