Improve concentration power of online learners: steps to follow

by Carter Toni

” Concentration is about commitment and dedication to yourself. Keep your focus on your goals and what’s important to you, rather than distractions from outside sources.” – Vania Mendez.

The process by which students can give undivided attention in self-learning and classroom learning refers to concentration towards education. To accomplish our educational goals and objectives, high concentration power is very essential. For better understanding, comprehension of information, and high academic success, all students should have the ability to focus well. Today online teaching is growing rapidly and many students find focusing here difficult. Let us discuss some tips which students can use in this regard. Also, we will read some ways in which teachers can improve the concentration of online learners in classes.

What can students do?

1. Stay away from distractions 

While learning from homes and respective convenient places, staying away from distractions is very important for effective concentrated learning. One of the main distractions is continuous notifications on mobile phones and other networking devices. These notifications, text messages, social media comments, etc make students check the phone again and again. This makes students diverted and less attentive. The best way in which students can improve their concentration power is by staying away from these distractions. Try to take your classes from a quiet and composed study space. Keep notification mode off while studying and attending classes. Also keeping everything in a tidy and organized manner can help students in this regard.

2. Proper diet and sleep 

Healthy food and proper sleep can be very beneficial in boosting the concentration power of the students. Fatty, junk food, caffeine, and alcohol-rich beverages, can affect the physical and mental health of the students. It leads to obesity and excessive weight gain. Such students become quite lazy and interactive and because of this, their concentration and active learning qualities are affected. Also, those who spend a lot of time watching movies, series and chatting with friends till late at night, affect their sleep cycles. Lack of sleep makes them sleepy and irritated in classes. Therefore to avoid this from happening with you, eat well and also sleep well. Six to eight hours of sleep along with a nutritious and balanced diet keep students more concentrated and active.

3. Physical activity 

Any form of physical workout can help students to improve their concentration power towards learning. Jogging, running, dancing, Zumba, hitting gyms, playing outdoor games, etc are a few examples of physical activities that students can select for themselves. Every day twenty or thirty minutes must be devoted to physical workouts. This keeps students fit, healthy, positive, and mentally stable as well.

How can teachers help?

1. Set smaller tasks 

When teaching online students via live classes or other forms, always divide the bigger chunk of work into smaller sections for students to complete. Lengthy work is one of the main reasons behind students losing their focus and concentration. For example, if you are teaching a whole chapter in one go, students after a certain time will stop attentively listening to you. Instead of that teaching, two or three topics can help in this regard. Also, smaller tasks are easy to accomplish. Easy accomplishments encourage and motivate students to do better. Better results and accomplishments also improve the concern power of the learners. Giving smaller homework, dividing the lessons into a few parts, etc can be done by the teachers in this regard.

2. Use modern teaching aids 

Only listening to the explanation and lectures given by the teachers don’t engage students much. Students find these teaching practices monotonous and boring. Replacing the traditional teaching methods with modern and technical teaching aids can be helpful. When teaching virtually, use the best app for online teaching that supports the functioning of technical teaching aids. Using audiovisual tools is the best idea. Teach using PowerPoint presentations, modules, educational videos, picture cards, animations, and graphics. These are interactive resources and hence catch the attention of the students better. Also, group chatting, one on one interactions, facility of conducting live classes can be done by teachers to make them more concentrated on learning.

 3. Practice mindfulness 

The best way to improve the concentration power of the students is by practicing meditation. Relaxing body and mind, furthermore focusing on our goals better can be achieved by doing meditation. All online instructors should include this in their classes. The best way this can be done is by beginning the classes with five or ten minutes of mediation practice. Also teaching the right way of doing it is important. With the best app for online teaching, teaching students the right posture, keeping eyes closed, focusing on a positive word, stay away from all the distractions is important. 


Concentration and focus in life are very important to accomplish our goals and objectives. To become successful in life, appropriate actions, dedication, and focus are very important. Also when learning online, all students should possess high concentration power to receive quality education and overcome all the distractions and obstructions that come in between. The above mentioned are tips that students can use to boost their concentration. Also, we read about the tips that teachers can use to make students more focused and attentive in learning.

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