Improve Your Interior Designing Skills To Become A Professional

by Carter Toni

A complex creative and technical profession, Interior designing involvesvisualizing, designing, planningand creating livable, functional, efficient, awe inspiring and attractive interiors or indoor spaces for people. Interior designing process also entails understanding the diverse customer needs, his aesthetic sense, layout of the space, functionality required, regulations related to the building and environment. Furthermore, he also manages and collaborates with varied teams on multiple facets including budgeting, constructing a blueprint for the space, sketching designs, selecting furnishings, furniture, colours, lighting fixtures, kitchen & bath fittings and equipment besides project management services, scheduling, coordination with different vendors etc. Interior Designing is not limited to residential spaces only; it also includes commercial spaces like office buildings, retail, factory, hospitality, healthcare and aircraft etc.

In order to become anInterior Design professional, following skills must be improved upon:

Creative & Artistic skills along with attention to details: Creative skills are of utmost importance for an interior designer. He is expected to develop design concepts for all sorts of client and hence needs to be flexible. He will need to focus on not only the big picture but also the smallest of details so as to create designs for spaces that have to be attractive as well as functional, utilizeunusual color palettes and even carry out complicated renovations.

Embrace diverse styles: A successful interior designer must have knowledgeabout diverse styles, aesthetics and techniques including Old, current Modern, Contemporary, Minimalist, Bohemian and Chic etc. He musthave spatial awareness and observational skills, such that he is able to visualize potential in outdated, old fashioned, dysfunctional and even empty spaces. Hemustbe inspired by everything he sees or experiences,besides being capable of seeing the big picture where others observejust blueprints. He should be flexible as well as adaptable and must be open toexplore new and interesting ways to fuse diverse elements seamlessly within his designs.

Knowledge of Colour basics: He must be equipped with theknowledge of the color wheel, hues, patterns and what emotions they affect. This will help him creating illusions and client pleasing palettes that can act as his signature.

Communication Skills: He must be an active listener so as to understand the client’s requirements. Besides this he must also display good communication skills so as to not only get his client’s approval on the concepts, but also build relationships and manage work while collaborating with diverse teams from varied departments like architects, contractors and engineers etc.

Budgets, Timeline Management&Organising skills: Most clients will share an idea, the cost of which will exceed his budgets. A successful interior designer must be adept at finding a creative solution that can be managed within financial constraints. Budgeting skills along with negotiation skills will assist you in offering a realistic budget to the client along with ensuring the maximum bang for their buck. Time management as well as organizing skills will facilitate in keeping the costs under control such that the project doesn’t go over budget due to delays.

Explore interior design courses: Students must explore interior design courses from such colleges that equip students with competencies in handlingcomplex design challenges in the ever evolving ecosystem. Besides this the college curriculum must ensure that students build capabilities in use of varied software, tools, Design Fundamentals& Principles, Sustainable Materials and their Application and Human Comfort etc.

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