In Amit Shah’s West Bengal virtual rally, a scathing attack on chief minister Mamata Banerjee: Key highlights

by Carter Toni

Union home minister Amit Shah on Tuesday addressed the ‘West Bengal Jan Samvad’ rally – the 3rd virtual address in some rallies which he started on Sunday.

In Amit Shah’s West Bengal virtual rally

While Shah lauded the fighting spirit of people of West Bengal amid trying times marred by the Covid-19 pandemic and cyclone Amphan, he accused chief minister Mamata Banerjee for playing political games on the rights of your poor. Shah said West Bengal will be the only state where “political violence is propagated”.

Shah paid his tribute to the BJP workers who lost their lives within the political fight in West Bengal since 2014. He underscored the significance of their state and described it as a the land of great leaders and intellectuals.

• “While democracy has strengthened its roots and possesses been consolidated within the entire country, West Bengal remains to be the only state where political violence is propagated,” Shah said.

• “Give Modi-ji a possibility for corruption and violence-free Bengal,” the minister said.

•He accused the primary minister of insulting migrant workers. “You’ve rubbed salt within their wounds and they can remember it,” Shah stated.

• The minister added, “Mamata ji, you known as Shramik Special Trains as ‘Corona Express’. The name which you have given, ‘Corona Express’ will end up an exit express for that TMC from the state,” Shah stated.

• Shah said Banerjee is not really allowing the implementation of Ayushman Bharat Yojana which has benefitted more and more people across the country. “I along with the people of Bengal would like to ask you this, how come you do not letting it get implemented? ” Shah questioned.

•“Mamata ji, do poor people of Bengal have no right to receive free and quality medical aid? Why is Ayushman Bharat scheme banned here? Mamata Ji, political games really should not be played using the rights of poor people,” Shah further added.

• “Since 2014, over 100 BJP workers lost their lives in political battle within West Bengal. I pay my respect to their families as they’ve led to the creation of Sonar Bangla (golden Bengal),” he said.

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