Information About Silicone Breast Implants and Saline Breast Implants

by Carter Toni

Silicone Breast Implants and Saline Breast Implants

Silicone Breast Implants

Many women decide to get silicone implants for a variety of reasons. Sometimes their breast size has changed due to weight loss, pregnancy, or other reasons and they want to return to their old size. Other times they do it because of surgery due to cancer or other illnesses. Still other times, it is just for cosmetic reasons to make the woman feel better about herself.

There are many places that you can go for breast implant surgery, but you want to go to someone that is reputable and has great results. You can call or visit Zannis Plastic Surgery and they can give you a consultation. They can help you to decide if breast implants are for you.

This article will help you to learn more about breast implants and help you to decide if this is a surgery that you want to do. It is a relatively safe surgery as surgeries go, but there can always be complications. You have to weigh the advantages with the disadvantages and see if you want to do this.

What Are Breast Implants?

Breast implants are a type of prostheses, or artificial device, that is placed into your breasts. It will increase your breast size and are either filled with silicone gel or saline, which is sterile salt water. These will be placed by plastic surgeons who are doctors who work on the aesthetics of the human body.

As was mentioned above, these prostheses can be placed after a mastectomy, or if you have decided that you want to change the shape or size. If you are getting them after a mastectomy, it is called breast reconstruction. If it is done for cosmetic reasons, it is called breast augmentation.

Who Gets Them?

There are many people who want to get them for a variety of reasons. There are people who are not allowed to get them, as mentioned in this article You must finish developing, for example. You must also be in good physical health and have realistic expectations of what they will look like. Other than that, most people can get them if that is what they want.

Why Do People Get Them?

There are several reasons that people get implants, but it is usually due to the fact that women are not happy with the size of their breasts for one reason or another. You might want to restore your breasts to their former size since they can change size after weight loss or pregnancy. You might want to correct breasts that are different sizes which is common, especially if you have had some sort of injury before you mature fully.

You can also restore your breasts after a mastectomy, after cancer or other illness. This helps to restore their features to make them feel more feminine again. You can also get this surgery if you are affirming your identity and can help you to express your gender identity accurately. Finally, you can get this surgery to help to improve your body image and your self-esteem.

What is the Difference Between Breast Augmentation and Breast Implants?

These terms are used interchangeably and mean the same thing. There are about three and a half million people in the United States that have implants. Out of those, there are about sixty percent that have silicone gel implants. You can see the statistics here. Implants are silicone shells that are filled either with silicone gel, or saline solution.

How Long Do They Last?

They usually last about ten years, but everyone is different, they could last a little longer, or not as long. If they are older than ten years, they are more likely to rupture or break apart. You can tell if they rupture because your breasts will change shape, they may be firmer, or there might be swelling. Sometimes, there is no sign that they have ruptured.

What Type Feels the Most Natural?

Both the saline solution and the silicone gel have improved greatly over the last few years, but usually the silicone gel type feel more natural. They can both feel generally natural depending on the size and the shape that you choose: The placement of the implants will also have an effect on the feel of them. There are different positions in which they can be placed.

They can be placed sub muscularly which means that they fit under your breast tissue and the chest muscles. If this is the case, your breasts will feel more natural because you will only be feeling your tissue. If you choose to have them done sublingually, they will be placed between your chest muscle and your breast tissue.  This will still feel natural if you have a lot of breast tissue, if not, it will feel a little less natural.

The feeling also depends on which kind of shell you are using – there are two types of shells, smooth and textured. The smoother shells are more natural feeling than the textured shells. This is because they are thinner, and they move more freely than the textured shells. This helps them to feel more natural.

The textured shells are thicker and therefore they don’t feel as natural. They feel coarser when you touch them, very similar to the coarse side of a sponge. This texture helps them to stick better to the breast tissue, which makes them less likely to move. This is good if you want a firmer breast, but not if you want a more natural feel.

What Type Looks More Natural?

There are many shapes for implants, just as there are many shapes for natural breasts. There is one type that is called a gummy bear implant because they are similar to a gummy bear – they retain their shape when cut in half. There are more types, as well.

You can have a round one that resembles a doughnut without a hole. You can have implants that are shaped like tear drop where they are smaller at the top and rounder at the bottom. These look more natural most often. Round ones come in both the textured type and the smooth type, while the tear drop ones only come in textured form so that they don’t move around as much.


There are many reasons that people get breast implants, including after a mastectomy, because breasts have changed sizes due to pregnancy or weight loss, or for just cosmetic reasons. There are also many types of implants that you can get that are different fillers, different shapes, and different textures. You will have to talk to your cosmetic surgeon to see what is best for you.

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