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by Carter Toni

Shop and Compare Prices for Marquise Cut and Radiant Cut Diamonds on Rare Carat

There is nothing like diamonds that best represent a bond between a couple. A diamond cut conceived out of adoration of a lover’s lips, the Marquise cut diamond came to be. The Marquise cut is elongated and pointed. It is shiny and radiant with 56 facets. It is a charming precious stone that creates an illusion of fingers looking slimmer when worn. Loose Marquise Cut Diamonds are cheaper than Round Cut Diamonds since there is less waste in creating them. There is a similar shape called the Pear shaped diamond. Shoppers can compare prices across retailers for pear shaped diamonds by visiting “Rarecarat.com and be amazed by its selection.

How Much Does a Loose Marquise Cut Diamond Cost?

When it comes to choosing diamonds, shoppers have two options. One can choose the more expensive natural diamond or the budget-friendly lab-grown diamonds. A naturally grown 1-carat marquis diamond with G-grade color, SI2 Clarity, and Very Good cut costs about $1,855. A 1-carat lab-grown diamond with an E-grade color, SI1 Clarity, and Very Good Cuts has a price range from $966. That is half the price for something that looks similar.

Couples who prefer flashier studs can opt for 2-carat Marquise cut diamonds. The good news is that naturally-grown and lab-grown variants are available. A 2.01 Carat Marquise cut with an I-Grade color, SI2 Clarity, and Rare Carat Idea Cut costs roughly $8,387. If this price is over the roof, here is an alternative. A 2.01 Carat lab-grown Marquise diamond with H-grade color, SI1 Clarity, and Very Good Cut prices begin at $2,290.

Ideal Ring Styles for Loose Radiant Cut Diamonds

The Radiant cut requires stable mounting due to its elongated and pointed shape. It has a higher risk of chipping, so extra protection from drops and bumps is necessary. Check out below some creative style ideas that are lovely and secure for this type of diamond cut.

  1. Embraced within a Pave Design

Marquise cut diamonds have an extraordinary shape that requires stable support. The Pave ring style can support this gem with a shank and prongs. The V-shaped prong will securely hug the stud in the center. Paring it with a white gold band radiates a gentle and romantic look. A Marquise diamond can stand out by matching it with yellow or rose gold. It looks expensive, majestic, and radiant. The downside of prongs is they get caught up often. It is a primary cause of its wear and tear.

Style Tip:

Add a flair with a Pave setting by getting a twisted loop ring band design.

  1. Safe and Snug inside a Bezel

Another styling idea to secure a Marquise cut diamond in place is a Bezel design. It is a setting framing the gem in place. It is a simple but elegant vibe. Rose or yellow gold works well with this concept. The contrast between the transparent appearance of the stone and the rich solid color of gold is a good match. A bezel radiates a modern look suitable for couples who prefer less drama and frills. Due to the band’s solid form, it will cost a bit more. Make sure to take that into account.

Style Tip:

Create a contemporary and minimalistic design using white gold or platinum.

  1. Grasp from Edge to Edge with a Halo

The halo design holds the Marquise cut diamond by the edge. Tiny stones surround the centerpiece and add sparkle. The extra detailing makes the gem look bigger than it is. Transparent or colored studs, depending on the preferred impact, take your pick. The halo is a whimsical look that saves shoppers from the further expense of getting a larger stone. Extra care is necessary so the studs won’t fall off.

Style Tip:

Aside from the centerpiece diamond surrounded by studs, encrust the ring band for a sparkly finish.

Final Thoughts:

The Marquise cut diamond, Radiant cut diamond and Pear-Shaped diamond are an unconventional shape that attractively achieves a dramatic flair. The finger of the bearer looks longer and slimmer thanks to its elongated and pointed shape. It is cheaper than the traditional round cuts and more symmetrical than pear cuts. It is readily available in natural and lab-grown variants to suit every type of budget. Bold and fashionable couples can opt for this engagement ring design. In advance for Radiant cut diamond visit RareCarat.com

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