Is Amazon Pod Raffle Scam Who is the target of the scam?

by Glenn Maxwell

Amazon . com is easily the most reliable platform that individuals depend onto buy things. Within the U . s . States, everyone loves to purchase gadgets and devices using the most advanced technology from Amazon . com.

The portal offers gift certificates, coupons and free offers, but lately, the Apple Airbag is gaining lots of people’s attention. They receive messages within their accounts they have won free Apple Air Pods. Everybody could possibly get excited as it were once they check this out. But all we have to think is, Is Amazon . com Pod Raffle Scam?

Who’s the prospective from the scam?

Unsuspecting users get a message from Amazon . com claiming to become supplying a free Airpod. For those who show curiosity about hearing podcasts and songs, air pods are their main concern. So the organization is targeting such groups of individuals. Furthermore, the disposable Airpod will greatly boost their listening experience.

A couple of days ago, a crowd reported a lottery scam that they received a note from Amazon . com regarding a lottery win. However the Bbb team has cautioned the general public and saved them in the trap.

Is Amazon . com Pod Raffle Scam?

• The content sent by Amazon . com is fraudulent since the link it has redirects to phishing sites like other fraudulent messages when it’s clicked.

• Scam websites make the most of trustworthy companies for example Amazon . com and then try to mislead people.

• If you haven’t played inside a lottery and have not lately joined right into a promotion on Amazon . com, receiving such messages is really a scam.

• If Amazon . com were running promotions and also you won prizes, your Amazon . com account would reflect exactly the same. However that didn’t happen with Apple’s AirPods.

Is Amazon . com Pod Raffle Scam – The things mentioned above have demonstrated that dubious sources are attempting to mislead customers and wish to obtain personal and financial information.

How to prevent these text scams?

Well, we share some tips to help you avoid such scam messages.

• Don’t trust every message you obtain from the organization. No business transmits a person SMS to someone, unless of course they choose this particular service themselves.

• Text fraudulent messages usually contain links to phishing websites. Just like the Apple Airpod which was why compelled individuals to ask Is Amazon . com Pod Raffle Scam questions?

• Think hard before hitting suspicious links.

• Don’t send SMS to any fake messages as scammers wish to confirm whether your number is active or otherwise. So it’s easier to block them.


Throughout the pandemic, the amount of fake texts elevated. It’s our obligation to softly check all links before clicking. Should you receive this text, please report the amount to Amazon . com Customer Support. Furthermore, look at your Amazon . com account as every prize won by you is displayed there.

By using these simple tips, you are able to avoid airpod scams.

Will we hope we’ve been in a position to present details akin to Is Amazon . com Pod Raffle Scam?

What fake texts are you currently receiving from the organization? Share your replies within the comment box.

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