Is BBC Strictly Come Dancing Ellie Leach Dating? Who is Ellie Leach Dating? Who is Ellie Leach?

by Moore Martin

Is BBC Strictly Come Dancing Ellie Leach Dating

Intrigued by the relationship status of Ellie Leach from BBC Strictly Come Dancing? Curious about her connection with Vito Coppola, her dance partner? Well, let’s dive into the details and uncover the truth.

Is Ellie Leach Dating on BBC Strictly Come Dancing?

The short answer is no, Ellie Leach, the victor of Strictly Come Dancing, is not romantically involved with her dance partner, Vito Coppola. In a recent appearance on This Morning, both Ellie and Vito made it crystal clear that they share an extraordinarily strong bond and a deep-rooted friendship. Ellie emphasized that their journey together on the dance floor has been an incredible experience, and she believes that their friendship will stand the test of time.

Vito Coppola echoed these sentiments, expressing his gratitude for having Ellie in his life. Despite swirling rumors about their romantic involvement, both Ellie and Vito unequivocally stated that their connection is purely platonic. So, it’s safe to say that their remarkable partnership on the dance floor has blossomed into a beautiful and enduring friendship off the stage.

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Who is Vito Coppola?

Vito Coppola is an accomplished Italian dancer and choreographer who has garnered fame through his appearances on various dance competitions. His breakthrough moment came when he participated as a professional dancer in the sixteenth season of an Italian dance competition called “Ballando con le Stelle” (Dancing with the Stars) in 2021. In that season, he clinched victory alongside his renowned dance partner, Arisa.

Name Vito Coppola
Born 27 September 1992
Birth Place Eboli, Salerno, Italy
Nationality Italian
Occupations Dancer, choreographer

In 2022, Vito Coppola ventured into the British dance scene by joining the twentieth season of the immensely popular show “Strictly Come Dancing.” Once again, he showcased his remarkable dancing skills and captivated the audience, ultimately securing the championship in 2023, this time with his celebrity dance partner, Ellie Leach. With his extraordinary dancing abilities and charismatic presence, Vito Coppola has solidified his position as a respected figure in the world of dance.

Who is Ellie Leach?

Ellie Leach is a talented English actress who has carved a niche for herself in the entertainment industry. She is most renowned for her portrayal of Faye Windass on the long-running ITV soap opera “Coronation Street.” Ellie brilliantly portrayed this character from 2011 until 2023, leaving an indelible mark with her acting prowess and captivating performances. Her dedication and talent in bringing Faye Windass to life earned her accolades and a devoted fan base.

Name Ellie Louise Leach
Born 15 March 2001
Birth Place Bury, Greater Manchester, England
Occupation Actress
Years active 2009–present

In addition to her impressive stint on “Coronation Street,” Ellie Leach displayed her versatility by participating in the BBC contest “Strictly Come Dancing,” where she emerged triumphant in the twenty-first series. With her acting prowess and newfound success on the dance floor, Ellie Leach has become a respected and multifaceted figure in the entertainment industry.

Ellie Leach’s Age

Ellie Leach was born on March 15, 2001, making her a remarkably accomplished individual at the age of 22. Despite her youth, she has already made a lasting impact on the entertainment industry. Ellie’s ability to infuse depth and authenticity into her characters is truly remarkable. Her youthful energy and passion for her craft have endeared her to both fans and industry professionals alike.

Ellie Leach’s Early Life

Ellie Leach hails from Bury, Greater Manchester, and was born on March 15, 2001. She attended Fairfield High School for Girls. Ellie comes from a family with a flair for the entertainment industry. Her cousin, Brooke Vincent, also made a name for herself in the acting world by portraying the character Sophie Webster on “Coronation Street” from 2004 to 2019. Growing up in Bury and having a famous cousin in the industry likely fueled Ellie’s desire to pursue acting. Her early life has played a pivotal role in shaping her career as an actress.

Ellie Leach’s Career

Ellie Leach embarked on her entertainment journey with television advertisements and made her film debut in 2009. Her breakthrough came in 2011 when she joined the cast of “Coronation Street” as Faye Windass, a role she embodied for twelve years. In 2023, she bid farewell to the show, and it was later revealed that the decision was made by the show’s producers.

Ellie Leach’s crowning achievement came when she clinched the title of “Strictly Come Dancing” winner at the age of 22, making her the youngest victor in the show’s history. With a diverse range of roles and accomplishments, Ellie Leach is undeniably a gifted and dynamic performer with a promising future in the world of entertainment.

Is BBC Strictly Come Dancing Ellie Leach Dating – FAQs

1. Is BBC Strictly Come Dancing Ellie Leach dating?

  • No, Ellie Leach is not dating her dance partner Vito Coppola. They share a strong bond and friendship, as clarified during an appearance on This Morning.

2. Who is Ellie Leach dating?

  • Ellie Leach is not currently dating anyone. She shares a strong bond and friendship with her dance partner Vito Coppola, but there is no information available about Ellie Leach’s dating life beyond her professional relationship with Coppola.

3. Who is Vito Coppola?

  • Vito Coppola is an Italian dancer and choreographer who gained fame through his participation in dance competitions. He emerged as the winner of the sixteenth season of the Italian show “Ballando con le Stelle” (Dancing with the Stars) in 2021 with his dance partner Arisa. In 2022, he joined the twentieth season of BBC’s “Strictly Come Dancing” as a professional dancer and eventually secured victory in 2023 with Ellie Leach as his celebrity dance partner.

4. Who is Ellie Leach?

  • Ellie Leach is an English actress known for her role as Faye Windass on the long-running soap opera “Coronation Street.” She portrayed the character from 2011 to 2023 and also clinched victory in the twenty-first series of “Strictly Come Dancing.”

5. What is Ellie Leach’s age?

  • Ellie Leach was born on March 15, 2001, making her currently 22 years old. Despite her youth, she has achieved remarkable success in her acting career, particularly for her role on “Coronation Street” and her triumph on “Strictly Come Dancing.”

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