Is BJ Shea Leaving KISW? Why is BJ Shea Leaving KISW? Know All Details Hear-

by Moore Martin

Is BJ Shea Leaving KISW

In the world of radio, where voices become companions to countless listeners, BJ Shea had become a household name. For an impressive seventeen years, he graced the airwaves, specifically the morning show at 99.9 KISW Seattle. However, his departure on Friday, December 15, left many wondering: Is BJ Shea leaving KISW? And if so, why? In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this significant departure and explore the legacy BJ Shea leaves behind.

BJ Shea’s Remarkable Tenure

BJ Shea’s journey at 99.9 FM KISW in Seattle was nothing short of extraordinary. For seventeen years, he co-hosted the morning show, BJ & MIGs Mornings, during the crucial 6 to 10 a.m. PST slot. His magnetic presence made him a beloved voice for listeners who tuned in daily. But what set BJ Shea apart was not just his on-air charisma; he also extended his reach beyond traditional radio platforms.

A Multifaceted Presence

While BJ Shea was primarily known for his radio work, he didn’t limit himself to just one medium. In addition to radio, he engaged with his audience through streaming services and podcasts. This approach allowed him to connect with a broader audience, transcending the boundaries of traditional radio. It was this versatility that made BJ Shea a standout figure in the industry.

The Mystery of Departure

Now, let’s address the burning question: Why is BJ Shea leaving KISW? While specific reasons for his exit were not explicitly outlined, this phenomenon is not uncommon in the media industry. It’s typical for individuals to seek fresh opportunities or explore different career avenues after dedicating a considerable part of their careers to a specific station. BJ’s departure marked not only an individual transition but also a change in the landscape of the morning show.

A Legacy Remembered

BJ Shea’s exit from KISW left a notable mark, reminding listeners of the legacy he built during his time at the station. The morning show, which had entertained and connected with audiences for years, was now entering a new era. It’s not just BJ Shea leaving KISW; it’s the end of an era in the world of radio.


In conclusion, the departure of BJ Shea from 99.9 KISW Seattle’s morning show after seventeen remarkable years has left fans with mixed emotions. While the specific reasons behind his departure remain a mystery, there’s no denying the significant impact he made during his time at the station. BJ Shea’s multifaceted presence and magnetic charisma will be remembered by listeners for years to come.

Is BJ Shea Leaving KISW? – FAQs

  1. How long was BJ Shea at KISW?
    BJ Shea spent a remarkable seventeen years at KISW.
  2. What time did the BJ & MIGs morning show air?
    The show aired Monday through Friday from 6 to 10 a.m. PST.
  3. Where could one access the show apart from the radio?
    The show was available as a stream and downloadable podcast on the station’s official website and Entercom’s website and app.
  4. Why was BJ Shea well-known?
    BJ Shea was known for his significant presence as a radio personality on 99.9 KISW.
  5. When did BJ Shea leave KISW?
    BJ Shea departed from KISW on Friday, December 15.

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