Is Cat Deeley Married? Who is Cat Deeley’s Husband? Who is Cat Deeley?

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Is Cat Deeley Married

Is Cat Deeley Married

In the glamorous world of television and entertainment, Cat Deeley shines as a beloved figure known for her charisma, talent, and warm personality. From her whirlwind romance leading to marriage with Patrick Kielty to her successful career and thriving family life, Cat Deeley’s story captivates hearts worldwide.

Cat Deeley’s Marriage with Patrick Kielty

Cat Deeley’s journey to marital bliss began with a grand romantic gesture from fellow presenter Patrick Kielty. Their love story unfolded swiftly, culminating in a beautiful union in 2012. Despite the challenges they faced, including a frightening experience during a mall shooting in Los Angeles, Cat and Patrick have persevered, building a strong and loving family together.

Who is Cat Deeley?

Cat Deeley’s journey to stardom started in her native England, where her talent and charm catapulted her into the spotlight. Her illustrious television career, marked by hosting iconic shows like “So You Think You Can Dance,” showcases her versatility and appeal to audiences worldwide. Beyond television, Cat Deeley’s dedication to philanthropy, particularly her involvement with UNICEF and Great Ormond Street Hospital, underscores her commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Full Name Catherine Elizabeth Deeley
Date of Birth October 23, 1976
Place of Birth West Bromwich, England
Age 47
Occupations Television Presenter, Actress
Years Active 1998–present
Spouse Patrick Kielty (m. 2012)
Children 2
Religious Affiliation Anglican
Notable Works So You Think You Can Dance, SMTV Live, Deadbeat
Residence North London, England
Previous Marriage Mark Whelan (divorced in 2006)
Favorite Sports Team West Bromwich Albion

Cat Deeley’s Age

Born on October 23, 1976, Cat Deeley’s age of 47 belies her enduring appeal and relevance in the entertainment industry. Her continued success and influence serve as a testament to her timeless talent and connection with audiences.

Early Life of Cat Deeley

Cat Deeley’s humble beginnings in West Bromwich, England, laid the foundation for her remarkable journey. From her formative years spent in Birmingham to her foray into television presenting, Cat’s early experiences shaped her into the charismatic personality adored by millions.

Cat Deeley’s Career

Cat Deeley’s career trajectory reflects her versatility and adaptability. From her breakthrough role as a co-presenter on ITV’s “SMTV Live” to her international success with “So You Think You Can Dance,” Cat’s journey in the entertainment industry continues to inspire aspiring talents worldwide.

Cat Deeley’s Family Life

In addition to her professional achievements, Cat Deeley finds fulfillment in her role as a wife and mother. Her marriage to Patrick Kielty and the joy of raising their two sons, Milo and James, symbolize the love and happiness that define her personal life.

Who is Cat Deeley’s Husband?

Patrick Kielty, Cat Deeley’s husband, shares her passion for entertainment and has been her rock through life’s ups and downs. Their enduring love and mutual support exemplify the strength of their bond.


  1. Is Cat Deeley married?

    Yes, Cat Deeley is married to fellow presenter Patrick Kielty since 2012.

  2. Who is Cat Deeley’s husband?

    Cat Deeley’s husband is Patrick Kielty, a presenter whom she met during their work on the show “Fame Academy.”

  3. How many children does Cat Deeley have?

    Cat Deeley and Patrick Kielty have two sons named Milo and James.

  4. What is Cat Deeley’s religious affiliation?

    Cat Deeley describes her religious affiliation as Anglican, despite not being christened.

  5. Where does Cat Deeley currently live?

    Cat Deeley and her family currently reside in North London, England.


Cat Deeley’s journey is a testament to the power of love, dedication, and resilience. From her enchanting television presence to her unwavering commitment to family and philanthropy, Cat Deeley continues to inspire and uplift audiences worldwide with her grace and authenticity.

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