Is Ed Kelce Married? Are Donna And Ed Kelce Still Married?

by Moore Martin

Is Ed Kelce Married

In the world of sports and celebrity, the personal lives of athletes and their families often become topics of intrigue. One such figure whose marital status has sparked curiosity is Ed Kelce, known for being the father of NFL stars Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce. In this article, we will delve into the life and relationships of Ed Kelce, shedding light on his marital journey with Donna Kelce and providing insights into his personal life.

Early Years and Family

Ed Kelce, born in 1972 in Cleveland, Ohio, has led a life closely intertwined with sports, thanks to his two talented sons who have made a name for themselves in the NFL. However, before their rise to fame, Ed and Donna Kelce embarked on a journey together.

The Long-lasting Marriage

The couple tied the knot in the 1970s and spent over 25 years together as a married couple. During this time, they welcomed two sons, Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce, into the world. The Kelce family enjoyed years of togetherness and mutual support, with Ed playing a significant role in nurturing his sons’ athletic careers.

The Decision to Part Ways

Despite their long-lasting marriage, Ed and Donna eventually reached a point where they decided to go their separate ways. The reasons behind their divorce are private, but it’s clear that they have managed to maintain a friendly and amicable relationship even after their separation.

Ed Kelce Today

As of 2023, Ed Kelce is 51 years old and has shifted his focus from his own personal life to cheering on his two sons in their NFL careers. His significance in the public eye primarily stems from being the father of these renowned athletes.

Donna Kelce: A Pillar of Support

Donna Kelce, born in 1957, has not only witnessed her sons’ incredible journeys but has also been a guiding force in their lives. Her age reflects the wisdom and life experiences she has accumulated over the years. Donna’s unwavering support and guidance have played a pivotal role in shaping the lives of Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce.


In conclusion, Ed Kelce is no longer married and has shifted his focus to supporting his sons’ careers in the NFL. Despite their divorce after over 20 years of marriage, Ed and Donna Kelce maintain a warm and supportive relationship. Donna Kelce, on the other hand, continues to be a source of wisdom and guidance for her two famous sons.

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1. Are Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce still in contact with their parents?

– Yes, both Travis and Jason Kelce maintain close relationships with their parents, Ed and Donna Kelce, despite their divorce.

2. What are Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce’s current NFL teams?

– As of 2023, Travis Kelce plays for the Kansas City Chiefs, while Jason Kelce plays for the Philadelphia Eagles.

3. Did Ed Kelce have a career in the steel industry?

– Yes, Ed Kelce worked as a sales representative in the steel industry before gaining recognition as the father of NFL stars.

4. How long were Ed and Donna Kelce married before their divorce?

– Ed and Donna Kelce were married for over 25 years before deciding to get a divorce.

5. What is the significance of Ed Kelce’s age in 2023?

– Ed Kelce’s age in 2023 is 51, and his significance primarily comes from being the father of Travis and Jason Kelce, two renowned NFL players.

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