Is Ellie Costello Married? Who is Ellie Costello? Know Ellie Costello Personal Life and Career!

by Moore Martin

Is Ellie Costello Married

Is Ellie Costello Married

Who is Ellie Costello?

Ellie Costello is a prominent journalist known for her work as a National Reporter and anchor at GB News. Her journey in journalism began at the BBC World Service, where she honed her skills and expertise before making a transition to the Victoria Derbyshire Programme.

Ellie Costello’s Engagement Announcement

Ellie Costello is not married but recently announced her engagement on social media, sharing the joyous news with her followers. She revealed the news with an adorable photo alongside her now-fiancé, showcasing her dazzling engagement ring.

Career Journey of Ellie Costello

In May 2021, Ellie joined GB News as a South-East reporter, marking the beginning of her association with the budding news network. Since then, she has become a familiar face to viewers, appearing on various shows, including the popular Britain’s Newsroom.

Ellie’s Professional Achievements

Throughout her career, Ellie has distinguished herself with her dedication, talent, and engaging reporting style. She has garnered recognition within the industry for her commitment to delivering news with integrity and depth.

Ellie Costello’s Personal Life

In addition to her professional achievements, Ellie Costello recently shared a significant milestone in her personal life—her engagement to her fiancé. This joyful announcement was met with warm wishes and support from her colleagues and fans, highlighting the close-knit community she has built both personally and professionally.


In conclusion, Ellie Costello’s journey from the BBC World Service to GB News reflects her passion for storytelling and her drive to keep audiences informed and engaged. Her engagement marks a significant milestone in her personal life, and her contributions to journalism continue to earn her respect and admiration.

FAQs about Ellie Costello

  1. When did Ellie Costello announce her engagement? Ellie announced her engagement recently via social media, sharing the news with her followers.
  2. What channel is Ellie Costello associated with? Ellie Costello is a National Reporter and anchor at GB News, where she has been a prominent figure since May 2021.
  3. How did Ellie’s colleagues react to her engagement news? Ellie’s colleagues at GB News congratulated her enthusiastically, expressing their joy and support for her milestone.
  4. What is Ellie Costello’s professional background? Ellie began her journalism career at the BBC World Service before joining the Victoria Derbyshire Programme and later moving to GB News.
  5. Is Ellie Costello married? Ellie Costello is not married yet but recently announced her engagement to her fiancé.

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