Is Jill Halfpenny in The Long Shadow? You Won’t Believe How Many Episodes ‘The Long Shadow’ Has!

by Moore Martin

Is Jill Halfpenny in The Long Shadow

If you’re wondering whether Jill Halfpenny is part of the cast in “The Long Shadow,” a British true crime drama series that delves into the intense manhunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, you’ve come to the right place.

The Long Shadow: A Glimpse into a Chilling True Crime Drama

“The Long Shadow,” a compelling British true crime drama TV series, unfolds over seven riveting parts. Scripted by the talented George Kay and brought to life under the adept direction of Lewis Arnold, the show meticulously chronicles the exhaustive five-year pursuit of the infamous serial killer, Peter Sutcliffe, whose notoriety earned him the moniker the Yorkshire Ripper.

Through a captivating narrative, the series meticulously portrays the relentless efforts of law enforcement during the intense manhunt, offering viewers an immersive experience into the complexities and challenges faced during the investigation. Premiering on ITV1 on 25th September 2023, “The Long Shadow” immediately garnered attention for its powerful storytelling and gripping portrayal of real-life events.

Unveiling the Cast

As the series unfolds, it expertly navigates the intricate web of clues and leads that eventually led to the capture of Peter Sutcliffe. With a keen focus on the emotional toll on both the investigators and the communities affected, “The Long Shadow” captures the atmosphere of fear and urgency that engulfed the nation during the Yorkshire Ripper’s reign of terror. The series provides a poignant exploration of the impact of such heinous crimes on society, emphasizing the resilience and determination of those who tirelessly pursued justice.

Is Jill Halfpenny in The Long Shadow?

Yes, Jill Halfpenny is set to appear in the ITV drama series, “The Long Shadow,” which revolves around the chilling narrative of the infamous Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. Known for her roles in television shows such as Byker Grove and EastEnders, Halfpenny has been cast in this dark and compelling drama that aims to provide a definitive portrayal of the extensive five-year pursuit of the serial killer.

With an emphasis on the victims and their families, as well as the dedicated officers involved in the intense police investigation, “The Long Shadow” seeks to offer a sensitive and nuanced perspective on the harrowing events. The series boasts a stellar ensemble cast, including renowned actors like Katherine Kelly, Toby Jones, and Lee Ingleby, contributing to what promises to be a gripping and poignant exploration of a well-documented yet haunting story.

Where to Watch The Long Shadow?

“The Long Shadow” can be watched in the United Kingdom on various platforms including ITV1, STV, and ITVX. The series was initially scheduled for broadcast on 25th September 2023, with a trailer released on 31st August. However, all episodes were made available earlier than the scheduled broadcast date on ITVX and the STV Player starting from 2nd October 2023. Viewers can access the series on these platforms to delve into the captivating narrative surrounding the infamous Yorkshire Ripper case.

The Long Shadow Cast



Toby Jones DCS Dennis Hoban
David Morrissey ACC George Oldfield
Daniel Mays Sydney Jackson
Jack Deam DI Les Hanley
Chloe Harris WPC Jenny Bush
Kris Hitchen DC John Nunn
Lee Ingleby DSI (later DCS) Jim Hobson
Michael McElhatton CC Ronald Gregory
Steven Waddington DSI Dick Holland
Liam Garrigan PS Bob Blake
Jasmine Lee-Jones Marcella Claxton
Dorothy Atkinson Betty Hoban
Sorcha Groundsell Nicola Briggs
John Henshaw Mike Dugdale
Stephen Tompkinson David Gee
Christopher Hatherall DCS John Domaille
Shaun Thomas Neil Jackson
James Clay Ken Dwyer
Marcus Fraser Calvin Thompson
Charlotte Tyree Caroline Armstrong
Charley Webb WPC Anna Lawson
Vicky Myers WPC Sue Neave
Kate Rutter Irene MacDonald
Liz White WPS Meg Winterburn
Emma Cunniffe Margaret Oldfield
Adam Long DC Andrew Laptew
Paul Brennen Jack Hill
Colin R. Campbell Harry Smelt
Alexa Davies Ruth Bundey
Jill Halfpenny Doreen Hill
Nicola Stephenson Olive Smelt
Emma Williams WPC June Sinclair
Mark Stobbart Peter Sutcliffe
Daisy Plaxton Elizabeth Jackson
Max Richardson Graham Jackson
Kris Mochrie PC Ian Rudge
Roger Ringrose Wilf MacDonald
Luke Roskell PC Greg Clitheroe
Clare Burt Maureen Long
Robert James-Collier DCS Jack Ridgeway
Melissa Parker Linda Arrowcraft
Stevie Raine DI David Zackrisson
Daisy Waterstone Jacqueline Hill
Jamie Parker Commander Jim Nevill
Leah Walker Olivia Reivers
Sammy Winward Sonia Sutcliffe

The Long Shadow Overview



Series Title The Long Shadow
Based on Wicked Beyond Belief by Michael Bilton (2003)
Screenplay by George Kay
Directed by Lewis Arnold
Starring Toby Jones, David Morrissey, Daniel Mays
Country of origin United Kingdom
Original language English
No. of series 1
No. of episodes 7
Executive producers George Kay, Lewis Arnold
Production companies New Pictures, All3Media, ITV Studios
Original network ITV1
Original release 25 September 2023 – present

Who Plays Ruth in The Long Shadow?

In the acclaimed ITV drama series “The Long Shadow,” the character of Ruth Bundey is portrayed by the talented actress Alexa Davies. Davies brings her acting prowess to the fore, embodying the role of Ruth with depth and authenticity. As part of the ensemble cast, Davies contributes to the series’ powerful narrative, which intricately weaves together the gripping tale of the Yorkshire Ripper’s notorious reign of terror and the relentless pursuit of justice. Through her portrayal of Ruth Bundey, Davies adds a compelling layer to the intricate web of characters that populate this chilling true crime drama.

How Many Episodes are there in The Long Shadow?

“The Long Shadow” consists of a total of seven episodes, each contributing to the gripping and comprehensive narrative that chronicles the intense five-year manhunt for the Yorkshire Ripper, Peter Sutcliffe. Across these seven installments, the series delves deep into the intricacies of the investigation, highlighting the emotional impact on the victims, their families, and the dedicated officers involved in the pursuit of justice. With its seven-episode arc, “The Long Shadow” offers viewers a compelling and immersive journey through one of Britain’s most notorious criminal investigations, promising a thought-provoking exploration of the events surrounding this dark chapter in history.

Is Jill Halfpenny in The Long Shadow – FAQs

1. Is Jill Halfpenny part of the cast in “The Long Shadow”?

– Yes, Jill Halfpenny is part of the cast, contributing to the compelling portrayal of the characters in the series.

2. Who plays the character Ruth in “The Long Shadow”?

– Alexa Davies takes on the role of Ruth in the TV series, adding depth and authenticity to the character.

3. How many episodes are there in “The Long Shadow”?

– “The Long Shadow” consists of a total of seven gripping episodes, each contributing to the intense narrative surrounding the Yorkshire Ripper case.

4. Where can I watch “The Long Shadow”?

– “The Long Shadow” can be viewed in the United Kingdom on platforms such as ITV1, STV, and ITVX, offering viewers access to the captivating drama series.

5. What is the storyline of “The Long Shadow” centered around?

– “The Long Shadow” centers on the five-year pursuit of the notorious serial killer Peter Sutcliffe, known as the Yorkshire Ripper, focusing sensitively on the lives of both the victims and the officers at the heart of the investigation.

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