Is Kyle Mccord Leaving? Why is Kyle Mccord Leaving? Who is Kyle McCord?

by Moore Martin

Is Kyle Mccord Leaving

In the world of college football, changes are a constant. Players come and go, coaches make strategic decisions, and teams evolve. One such change that has been making headlines is the departure of Kyle McCord from Ohio State. In this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind Kyle McCord’s departure and what the future may hold for this talented quarterback.

The Departure of Kyle McCord

Yes, Kyle McCord, the American football quarterback, is leaving Ohio State. Despite a successful season where he threw for an impressive 3,170 yards and secured victories against formidable opponents like Notre Dame and Penn State, McCord’s departure from Ohio State has been confirmed. This decision stems from Ohio State’s coach, Ryan Day, expressing a need for changes after the team’s defeat against Michigan, marking Day’s third consecutive loss in the rivalry game.

Coach Day’s Pursuit of Alternatives

Speculations about McCord’s departure suggest that Coach Ryan Day is seeking alternative options, possibly from the transfer portal, with the belief that other quarterbacks could better contribute to the team’s pursuit of the Big Ten championship and a College Football Playoff run in the upcoming seasons. This strategic move by Coach Day aims to enhance the team’s competitiveness and potentially find a better fit for the challenges ahead.

Where is Kyle McCord Headed Next?

As for where Kyle McCord is headed next, several teams are reportedly interested in recruiting him. These teams include Louisville, Oregon, Washington, North Carolina, USC, and Notre Dame. The quarterback transfer landscape is dynamic, and McCord’s departure from Ohio State adds intrigue to the offseason, leaving fans and football enthusiasts curious about the next chapter in his football journey.

Who is Kyle McCord?

To understand the significance of Kyle McCord’s departure, it’s important to know who he is. Kyle Allen McCord, born on September 19, 2002, is an American football quarterback known for his skills on the field. Hailing from Mount Laurel, New Jersey, McCord rose to prominence as a four-star prospect from St. Joseph’s Prep School in Philadelphia. His high school career showcased his talent, including setting a state record by throwing for 2,883 yards in his sophomore year.

Recruited by Ohio State head coach Ryan Day, McCord joined the Buckeyes in 2021, initially spending his first two seasons backing up CJ Stroud. In the 2023 college football season, he emerged as Ohio State’s first-year starting quarterback, contributing significantly with impressive stats, including 3,170 passing yards, 24 touchdowns, and victories over top 10 opponents Notre Dame and Penn State.

Despite facing challenges, McCord’s journey reflects his determination and skills as a quarterback, earning him recognition for his performances both in high school and at Ohio State.

In Conclusion

In the ever-evolving world of college football, the departure of a promising talent like Kyle McCord is a significant development. Coach Ryan Day’s pursuit of alternative options underscores the competitive nature of the sport, as teams continually strive for excellence. As McCord explores new opportunities, fans will eagerly await his next move, keeping a close eye on where this talented quarterback will land.


1. Is Kyle McCord leaving Ohio State?
Yes, Kyle McCord is leaving Ohio State.

2. Why is Kyle McCord leaving Ohio State?
Kyle McCord is leaving because Coach Ryan Day is seeking a fresh approach to pursue the Big Ten championship and a College Football Playoff run, exploring alternative quarterback options in the transfer portal.

3. What were Kyle McCord’s notable achievements at Ohio State?
Kyle McCord had a successful season, throwing for 3,170 yards and securing victories against strong opponents like Notre Dame and Penn State.

4. Who recruited Kyle McCord to Ohio State?
Kyle McCord was recruited to Ohio State by head coach Ryan Day.

5. How did Kyle McCord perform in the 2023 season?
In the 2023 season, Kyle McCord threw for 3,170 yards, with 24 touchdowns and victories over top 10 opponents.

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