Is Kyle Viljoen Married? Who is Kyle Viljoen Married To? Who is Zachary Riley?

by Moore Martin

Is Kyle Viljoen Married

In the world of reality TV, Kyle Viljoen is a name that rings familiar to many, thanks to his appearances on “Below Deck Mediterranean.” However, it’s not just his on-screen antics that have captured attention. Recently, Kyle surprised everyone by revealing his secret wedding to Dr. Zachary Riley, leaving fans intrigued and curious. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of Kyle Viljoen’s marriage, his journey with Dr. Zachary Riley, and why they chose to keep their union hidden for almost a year.

Is Kyle Viljoen Married?

Yes, indeed, Kyle Viljoen is married. In a heartwarming announcement on social media, Kyle disclosed that he and Dr. Zachary Riley exchanged vows at New York City Hall in April 2023. However, the twist lies in the fact that they chose to keep this joyous occasion a secret for almost a year, creating an air of mystery around their union.

Kyle took to Instagram to share the news, expressing his happiness and gratitude for the journey that had brought them together. He acknowledged that their love story was unique and far from ordinary, making this clandestine wedding all the more special to them. The reason behind their secret-keeping? To ensure they could have a grand and memorable marriage celebration.

Who is Kyle Viljoen?

Kyle Viljoen is a TV star who gained recognition through his role on “Below Deck Mediterranean,” where he began as a steward in the summer of 2022, during the show’s seventh season. Throughout his tenure on the Bravo series, Kyle garnered a reputation for stirring up controversy on board the ship, a fact corroborated by Captain Sandy and his fellow cast members.

Beyond his stewardship, Kyle has dabbled in various professions, including acting, recruitment, and even working as a flight attendant. With a cumulative experience of three years in the yacht industry, his engagement to Zachary K. Riley made headlines, further propelling him into the spotlight.

Hailing from South Africa, Kyle currently resides in New York City, where he comes from a well-respected family. He is the youngest child of Marius Viljoen and Berniece Viljoen, with an estimated net worth of around $700,000.

The Age of Kyle Viljoen

As of this article’s writing, Kyle Viljoen is 31 years old. His journey in the world of reality TV began when he joined “Below Deck Mediterranean” as a steward in the summer of 2022, during the show’s seventh season. His eventful tenure on the show, marked by controversy and memorable moments, firmly established his presence in the entertainment industry.

In addition to his stewardship, Kyle has explored roles as an actor, a recruitment officer, and a flight attendant in the past. His engagement to Zachary K. Riley was a significant development in his personal life, capturing the interest of fans and the media alike.

Introducing Dr. Zachary Riley

Dr. Zachary Riley is the newlywed husband of Kyle Viljoen, the Below Deck Mediterranean steward. A physical therapist by profession, Dr. Riley and Kyle sealed their commitment in a low-key ceremony held at New York City Hall in April 2023. The decision to keep their marriage a secret stemmed from their desire to eventually celebrate with a grand and elaborate ceremony surrounded by their loved ones.

However, as time passed, Kyle and Zachary realized that the essence of their marriage extended far beyond the extravagance of a ceremony. Their love and the support of those around them became the pillars of their relationship. Dr. Zachary Riley is an integral part of Kyle’s life, and their union is a testament to a beautiful and unique love story.


1. Is Kyle Viljoen married?

Yes, Kyle Viljoen is married. He revealed on social media that he and Dr. Zachary Riley got married in April 2023 at New York City Hall. They kept it a secret for almost a year to have a big ceremony later.

2. Who is Kyle Viljoen married to?

Kyle Viljoen is married to Dr. Zachary Riley. They had a low-key ceremony at New York City Hall in April 2023 and kept their marriage a secret until they could have a grand celebration.

3. Who is Zachary Riley?

Dr. Zachary Riley is Kyle Viljoen’s husband. He is a physical therapist, and they recently tied the knot in a private ceremony at New York City Hall. Their love story is described as beautiful and unique.

4. When did Kyle Viljoen get married?

Kyle Viljoen got married in April 2023. He shared the news on social media, expressing his happiness and gratitude for their journey together with Dr. Zachary Riley.

5. Why did Kyle Viljoen and Zachary Riley keep their marriage a secret?

Kyle Viljoen and Zachary Riley wanted to keep their marriage a secret for almost a year so they could have a big and memorable ceremony later on. They wanted their marriage to be special and unique, and they only shared the secret with their close friend Marissa.

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