Is Manon Lagreve Pregnant? Who is Manon Lagreve?

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Is Manon Lagreve Pregnant

In the world of entertainment and baking, Manon Lagrève has made a name for herself. From her remarkable journey on the Great British Bake Off to her recent announcement of a second pregnancy, there’s a lot to know about this talented chef and her growing family. Let’s delve into the details to answer the burning question: Is Manon Lagrève pregnant?

Manon Lagreve’s Exciting Pregnancy Announcement

Great British Bake Off star Manon Lagrève has pleasantly surprised fans by announcing her pregnancy, just a year after her marriage to husband Luke Bennett. Taking to Instagram, she shared the joyous news, expressing her excitement about expanding their family. Manon revealed that their firstborn, Fleur, is eagerly anticipating her role as a big sister come spring. The announcement garnered warm congratulations from fellow Bake Off alums such as Candice Brown, Frances Quinn, and Martha Collison, along with Dr. Rahul Mandal.

In a recent interview, the 24-week pregnant Manon shared Fleur’s adorable reactions to the news, where the little one expresses her affection for the upcoming addition to the family in both English and French. The couple has opted to keep the baby’s gender a surprise, and Manon expressed the practicality of finding out early, allowing Fleur to form a special bond with the baby bump. The news marks another sweet chapter in Manon’s life, adding a delightful twist to her baking journey.

Who is Manon Lagreve?

Manon Lagreve, originally hailing from France and currently residing in London, emerged as a formidable contestant on Bake Off 2018. Despite facing criticism for her prior television cooking experience, she dedicated herself to perfecting her baking skills, aspiring to claim the coveted title. Her journey began on a high note, securing the title of star baker in the first week with a remarkable matcha and white chocolate selfie showstopper.

Away from the baking tent, Manon brings a unique blend of talents to the table. As a Software Project Manager, she navigates the world of technology, showcasing her versatility. Her connection with the kitchen stems from her early days in London when working as an au pair, she and her best friend bonded over watching Bake Off—a show that would eventually become a significant part of her culinary journey. Despite a stumble in Cake Week where she dropped the F-bomb, Manon’s passion and determination make her a standout contender in the competition.

Full Name Manon Lagrève
Age 31 (as of 2023)
Birthplace France
Current Residence London, England
Profession Software Project Manager
Husband Luke Bennett;
Children: Fleur Camille (born in June 2021), expecting a second child

Manon Lagreve’s Love Story with Luke Bennett

Manon Lagrève’s husband, Luke Bennett, became an integral part of her life in a whirlwind romance that led to a beautiful wedding ceremony. The couple exchanged vows in a picturesque setting at a French chateau in Manon’s hometown, Louvigné-du-Désert, last June. Luke, a British national, proposed to Manon during a romantic getaway to Barbados in November 2020.

The proposal was not only romantic but also well-timed, taking place shortly after the couple arrived at their boutique hotel. Luke, dropping to one knee, presented Manon with a stunning sapphire ring, marking the beginning of their journey toward marriage.

Their love story unfolded rapidly, with Manon revealing that it was “love at first sight.” The couple’s deep connection was evident as they moved in together within four months of dating, highlighting the profound bond that led to their enchanting wedding day.

Manon Lagreve’s First Child

In June 2021, the joyous occasion of Manon Lagrève and Luke Bennett welcoming their first child unfolded. Taking to Instagram, Manon shared the heartwarming news that they had become parents to a “happy and healthy” baby girl named Fleur Camille, born on June 20. Accompanying the announcement were the first precious photos of the newborn, capturing the intimate moment of skin-to-skin contact between mother and daughter.

Expressing their love for the unexpected arrival, Manon wrote a touching caption alongside the images, introducing Fleur Camille Bennett to the world. The birth coincided with Father’s Day, adding an extra layer of significance to the family’s joy.

Earlier in April 2021, Manon had playfully remarked about the journey to parenthood, celebrating seven months of pregnancy and humorously acknowledging the phenomenon of ‘baby brain.’ The arrival of Fleur marked a new and joyous chapter in Manon and Luke’s lives as they embraced the role of parents with love and enthusiasm.

Manon Lagreve’s Culinary Career

Manon Lagrève’s journey into the world of baking traces back to her upbringing in France, where she learned the art of crafting delectable treats from her mother and grandmother. Mastering the fundamentals of baking, from pastries to breads, desserts, and biscuits, in her family kitchen laid the foundation for her culinary skills. However, it wasn’t until she moved to London that she truly discovered her passion, particularly for cupcakes and cake decorating, broadening her repertoire.

Inspired by her French heritage and influenced by her travels, Manon’s baking style reflects a fusion of flavors and techniques. Known as the ‘queen’ of Tiramisu and Tarte Tatin in France, her specialty lies in creating tiered cakes that showcase her expertise. Manon’s Instagram serves as a platform for sharing her creations, demonstrating her love for baking beyond the confines of the kitchen.

Motivated by her love for The Great British Bake Off, Manon applied to participate in the show to honor her best friend, flatmate, and close girlfriends who had consistently supported her baking journey. Despite facing criticism for her previous appearance on The Box in 2015, Manon entered the Bake Off tent, impressing judges in various challenges.

From being crowned Star Baker in Biscuit Week to earning a Hollywood Handshake in Spice Week, Manon showcased her versatility and creativity. Despite facing setbacks, such as a challenging Pastry Week and a mixed reception in Vegan Week, her journey on the show highlighted her resilience and dedication to her craft. Ultimately, Danish Week marked the end of her Bake Off adventure, but Manon’s culinary prowess and love for baking continue to be central to her career and creative expression.

Manon Lagreve’s Net Worth

Manon Lagreve’s Net Worth is $5 million. Her primary source of income is her career as a Software Project Manager. Apart from her professional role in the field of technology, Manon has also gained recognition for her baking skills. While participating in The Great British Bake Off, she showcased her culinary talents, and her social media presence, particularly on Instagram, suggests an engagement with the baking community. However, it’s important to note that her main source of income is likely derived from her work as a Software Project Manager, given her expertise in the technology sector.

Manon Lagreve’s Age

As of 2023, Manon Lagrève stands at 31 years old, marking a point in her life where she has achieved significant milestones in her career. Her journey in the culinary world, highlighted by her participation in The Great British Bake Off and previous experiences, reflects a commendable dedication to her craft. At this age, Manon continues to showcase her talent, demonstrating versatility and creativity in the realm of baking.

Is Manon Lagreve Pregnant – FAQs

  1. Is Manon Lagrève pregnant?

    Yes, Manon Lagrève has announced her pregnancy. She shared the news on Instagram, revealing that she and her husband Luke Bennett are expecting their second child together.

  2. When did Manon announce her pregnancy?

    Manon Lagrève announced her pregnancy on Instagram. The announcement was made on 27 November 2023, where she expressed her excitement about the upcoming addition to their family.

  3. Is this Manon’s first child?

    No, this will be Manon’s second child. She welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Fleur Camille, in June 2021.

  4. When is Manon Lagrève due?

    Manon has mentioned that she is currently 24 weeks pregnant, but the exact due date has not been disclosed. However, she mentioned in her announcement that the baby is expected in the Spring.

  5. Did Manon Lagrève reveal the gender of the baby?

    No, Manon and her husband Luke have chosen not to disclose the gender of their unborn child.

Get the latest updates on Manon Lagrève’s journey, from her pregnancy to her culinary adventures, and stay informed about this talented chef’s exciting life.

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