Is Nathan Aspinall Related to Tom Aspinall? Who are Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall? Notable Achievements!

by Moore Martin

Is Nathan Aspinall Related to Tom Aspinall

Is Nathan Aspinall Related to Tom Aspinall


In the realm of sports, there often arise questions about potential familial connections between athletes who share the same last name. One such inquiry revolves around Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall. Despite bearing the same surname, they belong to entirely different sporting domains. Let’s delve deeper into their individual careers and clarify any misconceptions regarding their relationship.

Clarification of Relationship

To address the common speculation, Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall are not related by blood. While their shared last name might suggest otherwise, they hail from unrelated familial backgrounds. Nathan thrives as a professional darts player, whereas Tom makes his mark in the world of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a UFC fighter.

Nathan Aspinall’s Career in Professional Darts

Born on July 15, 1991, in Stockport, England, Nathan Aspinall embarked on his journey in professional darts at a relatively young age. He honed his skills through participation in events organized by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC).

Rise to Prominence

Despite facing initial challenges, Aspinall’s perseverance paid off when he earned his PDC Tour Card in 2015 through the Q School Order of Merit. This marked the beginning of his ascent in the world of professional darts.

Notable Achievements

Throughout his career, Nathan Aspinall has secured significant victories, including the prestigious World Matchplay championship, the UK Open, and the US Darts Masters, all achieved in 2019. His consistent performance has solidified his position among the top-ranking players in the world.

Unique Style and Speculations

Aspinall’s unorthodox throwing style, characterized by occasional pauses to adjust his grip on the dart, has sparked speculations about a condition known as dartitis. However, Nathan himself refutes any claims of mental barriers affecting his gameplay, attributing his technique to strategic decisions aimed at maximizing his performance on the dartboard.

Tom Aspinall’s Career in Mixed Martial Arts

In contrast to Nathan’s trajectory in darts, Tom Aspinall pursued a career in mixed martial arts. With a background in various combat disciplines, including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Tom embarked on his MMA journey with determination and skill.

Transition to UFC

Tom’s talent and dedication earned him a spot in the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), one of the premier organizations in MMA. Competing in the heavyweight division, he showcased his prowess against formidable opponents, swiftly making a name for himself among UFC enthusiasts.

Notable Accomplishments

Aspinall’s achievements in the UFC include notable victories and the attainment of the Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship. His performances inside the octagon have earned him recognition as a rising star in the realm of mixed martial arts.


In conclusion, Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall, despite their shared last name, pursue distinct paths in the world of sports. Nathan thrives as a prominent figure in professional darts, while Tom makes waves as a skilled mixed martial artist competing in the UFC. While their individual successes may prompt speculation about a familial connection, it’s essential to recognize and appreciate their achievements within their respective fields.


  1. Are Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall family members?
    • No, despite having the same last name, Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall are not related.
  2. What are the respective fields in which Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall excel?
    • Nathan Aspinall is a professional darts player, while Tom Aspinall is a mixed martial artist competing in the UFC.
  3. Why do people often speculate about the relationship between Nathan Aspinall and Tom Aspinall?
    • People speculate due to their shared last name and their individual success in different sports.
  4. What achievements has Nathan Aspinall accomplished in professional darts?
    • Nathan Aspinall has won the World Matchplay championship, the UK Open, and the US Darts Masters.
  5. What achievements has Tom Aspinall attained in mixed martial arts?
    • Tom Aspinall holds the Interim UFC Heavyweight Championship and has notable victories in the UFC.

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