Is OU Going to the Big 12 Championship? What Channel is the Big 12 Championship on?

by Moore Martin

Is OU Going to the Big 12 Championship

The Oklahoma Sooners, with their storied history and impressive record, had high hopes for making it to the Big 12 Championship this year. However, despite a strong 7-0 start to the season, their dreams were dashed due to unexpected losses. This article explores the reasons behind their absence, where the championship will be held, and how to catch the action.

Oklahoma Sooners: A Football Legacy

Before diving into the championship details, let’s take a moment to appreciate the Oklahoma Sooners’ rich football legacy. The team, representing the University of Oklahoma (OU), was established in 1895 and has achieved remarkable success over the years. With 943 victories and a .726 winning percentage, they rank sixth all-time in NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision history.

Seven Claimed National Championships

The Sooners are no strangers to championships, having claimed seven national titles in their history. Their trophy cabinet also boasts 50 conference championships and a remarkable seven Heisman Trophy winners.

The Guiding Hand of Coach Brent Venables

Brent Venables has been at the helm of the Sooners as head coach since 2022. His leadership and strategic expertise have contributed to the team’s continued success.

Moving to the SEC

In a significant development, both Oklahoma and the University of Texas have expressed their intent to move to the Southeastern Conference (SEC), with the transition set to occur in 2024. This move is facilitated by a substantial $100 million early termination fee.

Why Is OU Not Going to the Big 12 Championship?

Now, let’s address the burning question: why won’t the Oklahoma Sooners be participating in the Big 12 Championship this year?

Despite their strong start to the season, losses to Kansas and Oklahoma State proved to be their undoing. In particular, Oklahoma State’s comeback win against BYU secured their spot in the championship game, leaving the Sooners on the sidelines.

This marks the third consecutive season without a conference title for the Sooners, a notable drought for a program with such a storied history. Nevertheless, they finished the regular season with a commendable 10-2 record, showcasing their resilience.

Where Will the Big 12 Championship Be Played?

The location of the Big 12 Championship is of great interest to fans. This year, the championship showdown will take place in Arlington, Texas. The decision to host it at a neutral site ensures a fair playing field for the competing teams.

The Texas Longhorns, who topped the 2023 standings with an impressive 8-1 record in Big 12 play, will enjoy the advantage of being the home-team top seed in the championship game. This exciting clash between Texas and Oklahoma State promises an unforgettable showdown for the Big 12 title.

What Channel Is the Big 12 Championship On?

To catch all the action from the Big 12 Championship, you’ll need to know which channel to tune into. The specific channel can vary from year to year, depending on broadcasting rights and agreements.

Major sports networks like ESPN typically broadcast college football championship games, including the Big 12 Championship. These networks often rotate coverage between channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, or ABC. For the most up-to-date information, it’s advisable to check your local TV listings or the official schedule on the Big 12 Conference’s website. Cable or satellite providers also provide this information in their programming guides, and sports news outlets offer timely updates on any schedule changes.

In Conclusion

In summary, the Oklahoma Sooners won’t be making an appearance in the Big 12 Championship this year, despite their impressive start to the season. Oklahoma State’s victory secured their spot in the championship game. The championship will be held in Arlington, Texas, offering a neutral ground for the clash between Texas and Oklahoma State. As for the channel, it can vary, but major sports networks like ESPN are likely to cover the event.

For fans and enthusiasts, this year’s Big 12 Championship promises excitement and fierce competition as two powerhouse teams vie for the coveted title. Stay tuned for this thrilling showdown in Arlington!


  1. Why isn’t Oklahoma in the Big 12 Championship?
    Despite a 7-0 start, losses to Kansas and Oklahoma State kept them out, marking a three-season title drought.
  2. Who does Texas play in the Big 12 Championship?
    Texas faces Oklahoma State in the Big 12 Championship after finishing atop the conference standings.
  3. Where is the Big 12 Championship played?
    The Big 12 Championship is in Arlington, TX, a neutral site, with Texas and Oklahoma State competing.
  4. What channel is the Big 12 Championship on?
    The channel varies, but major sports networks like ESPN typically broadcast the Big 12 Championship.
  5. What time is the Big 12 Championship Game 2023?
    Specific game times may vary, so it’s best to check the official schedule for the most accurate information.

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