Is Pat Cash Married? Who is Pat Cash? Also Know Pat Cash Career!

by Moore Martin

Is Pat Cash Married

Is Pat Cash Married

In the world of sports, especially tennis, some names resonate through the ages. Pat Cash is undoubtedly one of those iconic figures. From his remarkable achievements on the tennis court to his intriguing personal life, Pat Cash’s story is worth exploring. In this article, we will delve into the life of this former professional tennis player, discussing his marriages, family, career, and more.


Pat Cash is not just a name associated with tennis excellence; he is a legend in his own right. His journey from a promising junior player to a Wimbledon champion and beyond is a tale of dedication and passion for the sport. But let’s start with a question that often piques people’s curiosity: Is Pat Cash married?

Is Pat Cash Married?

Pat Cash was indeed married in the past. He tied the knot with Emily Bendit, a Brazilian, in the year 1990. Their marriage lasted for an impressive twelve years, concluding in 2002. During their time together, Pat and Emily welcomed twin boys into their lives, adding a layer of joy to their personal story. However, what adds an air of mystery to Pat Cash’s personal life is the limited information available about Emily Bendit. It’s as if this chapter of his life is shrouded in secrecy, leaving us with more questions than answers.

Pat Cash’s life extends far beyond the tennis courts, and his marital history is just one facet of his intriguing journey. Let’s explore more about who Pat Cash is.

Who is Pat Cash?

Pat Cash, an Australian native, is not only a former professional tennis player but also a highly regarded coach. His tennis career was marked by exceptional achievements, including reaching the world No. 4 ranking in ATP singles in May 1988 and securing a career-high ATP doubles ranking of world No. 6 in August 1988.

However, the moment that truly etched his name in Wimbledon history was in 1987 when he triumphantly won the Wimbledon singles title. His victory celebration, which involved climbing into the stands, started a tradition that many would come to emulate.

Beyond his tennis accolades, Pat Cash’s personal life is a testament to his multifaceted nature. His marriage to Emily Bendit and the birth of their twin boys are just a few chapters in his intriguing life story.


Pat Cash

Country (Sports) Australia
Residence London, England
Born 27 May 1965
Age 58 Years
Place of Birth Melbourne, Australia
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)

Pat Cash Career

Pat Cash’s tennis career is a captivating journey marked by triumphs and iconic moments. Rising as the No. 1 junior player globally in 1981, Cash quickly transitioned to the professional circuit in 1982, securing his first top-level singles title in Melbourne. His prowess was evident in the Davis Cup, where he became the youngest player in a final and contributed to Australia’s victory in 1983.

The pinnacle of Cash’s career came in 1987 when he etched his name in Wimbledon history, defeating Ivan Lendl in the final and initiating the tradition of climbing into the stands to celebrate. Although he reached Grand Slam finals in 1988, he faced setbacks, including injuries that affected his later years.

Post-retirement, Cash remained a prominent figure in the world of tennis. He hosted CNN’s Open Court, coached top players, and even established tennis academies. His contributions to the sport earned him a place in the Sport Australia Hall of Fame in 2005. Cash’s enduring legacy spans not only his on-court achievements but also his contributions to the sport’s global landscape.

Pat Cash Kids

Pat Cash’s family includes children from different relationships, reflecting the varied chapters of his personal life. In his early twenties, he had two children, Mia Kristiansen Cash and Jett Cash, with Norwegian model Anne-Britt Kristiansen. Later, during his marriage to Brazilian Emily Bendit from 1990 to 2002, they became parents to twin boys, Daniel Kristiansen Cash and Shannon Cash.

The diverse origins of Cash’s children enrich the tapestry of Pat Cash’s life beyond the tennis court. It’s a testament to his journey, which has seen him interact with people from all walks of life.

Pat Cash Age

As of 2024, Pat Cash, the Australian tennis legend, stands at 58 years old. Born on May 27, 1965, Cash has accrued a wealth of experiences and accomplishments throughout his enduring career. Notable for his remarkable achievements in the tennis world, including winning the Wimbledon title in 1987, Cash continues to be a prominent figure in the sport.

His age reflects a journey that spans decades, witnessing the evolution of tennis and contributing to its rich history. Beyond the courts, Cash has diversified his involvement in tennis, from coaching top players to hosting CNN’s Open Court. As a seasoned veteran in the tennis community, Pat Cash’s age in 2024 is a testament to the enduring impact he has made on and off the court.

Who is Pat Cash Married to Now?

As of now, there is no official confirmation regarding Pat Cash’s current marital status or spouse. Pat Cash was previously married to Emily Bendit, a Brazilian, from 1990 to 2002. Details about any subsequent marriages or relationships are not publicly disclosed. Pat Cash’s personal life remains a topic of intrigue, with many aspects still shrouded in mystery.


In conclusion, Pat Cash is not just a tennis legend; he is a complex individual with a multifaceted life. His journey from the tennis courts to personal relationships has been marked by triumphs and challenges. While we know about his past marriage to Emily Bendit and their twin boys, many details of his personal life remain undisclosed, adding an air of mystery to his story. Pat Cash’s impact extends beyond the court, making him a notable figure in both the tennis world and personal spheres.


  1. Is Pat Cash currently married? As of now, there is no official information about Pat Cash’s current marital status.
  2. Who was Pat Cash previously married to? Pat Cash was previously married to Emily Bendit, a Brazilian, from 1990 to 2002.
  3. How many children does Pat Cash have? Pat Cash has four children. Mia Kristiansen Cash and Jett Cash from a previous relationship, and twins Daniel Kristiansen Cash and Shannon Cash with Emily Bendit.
  4. What are Pat Cash’s notable career achievements? Pat Cash’s career highlights include winning the Wimbledon singles title in 1987 and reaching world No. 4 in ATP singles in May 1988.
  5. How old is Pat Cash in 2024? Pat Cash is 58 years old as of 2024, born on May 27, 1965.

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