Is Peter Still on Vanderpump Rules? Who is Peter Madrigal? Everything You Need to Know!

by Moore Martin

Is Peter Still on Vanderpump Rules

Is Peter Still on Vanderpump Rules

Peter Madrigal remains an integral part of the cast of Vanderpump Rules, the beloved Bravo reality television series. Serving as the manager of SUR, one of the prominent restaurants featured on the show, Peter has been a familiar face since its inception. Let’s delve deeper into Peter’s role on Vanderpump Rules, the show’s background, his personal ventures, and more.


Vanderpump Rules has captivated audiences since its premiere on January 7, 2013, offering a unique blend of reality TV drama set against the backdrop of Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurants in West Hollywood. With a diverse cast and compelling storylines, the show has become a cultural phenomenon over the years.

Full Name Peter Madrigal
Date of Birth June 14, 1984
Profession Reality Star
Country United States
Horoscope Gemini
Occupation Manager of SUR Restaurant & Lounge
Co-owner of Hairo hair-product brand
Relationship Status Possibly single
Net Worth $3-5 Million

Vanderpump Rules Cast

Cast Member


Lisa Vanderpump Co-owner of SUR and Tom Tom, Wife of Ken Todd
Ken Todd Co-owner of SUR and Tom Tom, Husband of Lisa Vanderpump
Katie Maloney Former Server at SUR
Tom Sandoval Former Bartender at SUR, Author, Business Partner at Tom Tom
Scheana Shay Former Server at SUR, Aspiring Singer and Actress
Ariana Madix Former Bartender at SUR, Author
Tom Schwartz Former Bartender at Pump, Model, Actor, Business Partner at Tom Tom
James Kennedy Former Busboy at SUR, DJ
Lala Kent Former Hostess at SUR, Volunteer at Vanderpump Dogs, Mother
Pandora Vanderpump Sabo Daughter of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd
Max Todd Son of Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd
Guillermo Zapata Co-owner of SUR, Model, Actor
Nathalie Zapata Co-owner of SUR, Married to Guillermo Zapata
Kristina Kelly Former Server at SUR
Brock Davies Scheana Shay’s Husband
Ally Lewber James Kennedy’s Girlfriend

Vanderpump Rules: A Reality TV Sensation

“Vanderpump Rules” emerged as a spin-off from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” focusing on the lives of the staff members working at Lisa Vanderpump’s establishments. The series has enjoyed immense popularity, spanning multiple seasons and spin-offs.

Introduction of Main Cast Members

Featuring a dynamic cast including Kristen Doute, Tom Sandoval, Stassi Schroeder, and others, “Vanderpump Rules” offers viewers an inside look into the intricacies of their personal and professional lives. The show’s compelling narratives and engaging characters have garnered a dedicated fan base.

Synopsis of the Show’s Premise

Set against the glamorous backdrop of Los Angeles, “Vanderpump Rules” explores the relationships, conflicts, and drama that unfold among the staff members at SUR and other Vanderpump-owned establishments. From romantic entanglements to workplace rivalries, the series delves into the complexities of life in the restaurant industry.

Peter Madrigal’s Role on Vanderpump Rules

Peter Madrigal, born on June 14, 1984, in the United States, is best known for his role as the manager of SUR on “Vanderpump Rules.” Since the show’s inception, Peter has been a fixture among the cast, offering his unique perspective and presence to the series.

Evolution of His Role Throughout the Seasons

While Peter may not always be at the forefront of the drama, his contributions to “Vanderpump Rules” have been significant. Over the years, viewers have witnessed Peter’s journey, from his initial introduction as a manager to his continued involvement in various storylines.

Peter Madrigal: Beyond Vanderpump Rules

In addition to his role on “Vanderpump Rules,” Peter is involved in various ventures outside of reality television. He works part-time as a real estate agent and shares cocktail recipes on his social media platforms, showcasing his diverse skill set and interests.

Personal Life and Relationships

Peter’s personal life has also garnered attention, particularly his relationships with fellow cast members. From brief romantic involvements to friendships, Peter’s interactions with his co-stars add depth to his character both on and off-screen.

Vanderpump Rules Release Date

Since its premiere in 2013, “Vanderpump Rules” has enjoyed widespread acclaim and popularity. With 11 seasons and over 200 episodes, the show continues to entertain audiences with its compelling storylines and vibrant cast.

Impact on Popular Culture

“Vanderpump Rules” has left an indelible mark on popular culture, influencing discussions about reality television and the restaurant industry. The show’s enduring success speaks to its ability to resonate with audiences and capture the essence of contemporary entertainment.


In conclusion, Peter Madrigal remains a vital component of “Vanderpump Rules,” contributing to its ongoing success and popularity. As the series continues to evolve, viewers can expect to see more of Peter’s character and storyline unfold in future seasons.

Is Peter Still on Vanderpump Rules – FAQs

  1. Is Peter Madrigal still working on Vanderpump Rules?
    Yes, Peter Madrigal is still a part of the cast of Vanderpump Rules. He continues to work at SUR and has made recurring appearances throughout the show’s run.
  2. What is Peter Madrigal’s role on Vanderpump Rules?
    Peter Madrigal serves as the manager of SUR, a restaurant featured prominently in the series. He has been associated with the show since its inception.
  3. Has Peter Madrigal expressed any intentions to leave Vanderpump Rules?
    No, Peter Madrigal has never expressed any intentions to leave the show. He remains an integral part of the Vanderpump Rules ensemble.
  4. Apart from Vanderpump Rules, what other ventures is Peter Madrigal involved in?
    Apart from his role on Vanderpump Rules, Peter Madrigal is also involved in real estate and shares cocktail recipes on social media.
  5. How old is Peter Madrigal?
    Peter Madrigal was born on June 14, 1984, making him 39 years old.

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