Is Rick Karle Leaving WVTM Channel 13? Why is Rick Karle leaving WVTM Channel 13 in Birmingham?

by Moore Martin

Is Rick Karle Leaving WVTM Channel 13

Rick Karle’s retirement from WVTM Channel 13 in Birmingham is influenced by personal lifestyle considerations after a 43-year career in broadcasting.


The world of broadcasting in Birmingham, Alabama, is facing a significant change as Rick Karle, a familiar face on WVTM Channel 13, bids farewell. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of his departure and explore the reasons behind this pivotal decision.

Rick Karle’s Departure Announcement

Rick Karle, an esteemed figure in Birmingham’s media landscape, has officially announced his departure from WVTM Channel 13. During a recent morning program, Karle shared with viewers that his final appearance on the station would be on December 8.

Rick Karle: A Closer Look

Rick Karle is a well-known television personality and sports anchor, co-hosting the WVTM 13 morning news in Birmingham, an NBC affiliate. With over 35 years of experience in TV sports broadcasting, he has become a respected figure in the Alabama sports community. His impact extends beyond sports, as he has been involved in charitable work and is known for his community service.

Rick Karle’s Distinguished Career

Karle’s career in television began in 1980, and he has been a prominent presence in Birmingham since 1989. Throughout his career, he has held positions at various television stations, including WVTM Channel 13 and WBRC FOX6. His engaging style and extensive sports knowledge have captivated audiences, making him a beloved figure in the industry.

Karle’s Contributions and Community Involvement

In addition to his on-air career, Karle has actively contributed to charitable endeavors and community service. He has served as a board member for the American Cancer Society and has volunteered for various causes. His commitment to making a positive impact in the community has not gone unnoticed.

Lifestyle Considerations Behind the Departure

While the news of Rick Karle’s departure has left many wondering about the reasons, specific details have not been officially announced. However, it is clear that lifestyle considerations have played a significant role in his decision to step back from his role as an anchor at WVTM. In a recent newscast, Karle humorously mentioned potential future endeavors, such as writing a book or becoming a Walmart greeter.


1. Why is Rick Karle leaving WVTM Channel 13 in Birmingham?

– Rick Karle is departing from WVTM Channel 13 due to lifestyle considerations, marking the end of his 43-year career in TV news.

2. What was Rick Karle’s role at WVTM 13, and when was his final appearance?

– Rick Karle was a co-host of WVTM 13 morning news in Birmingham. His final appearance is scheduled for Friday, December 8.

3. Can you tell us about Rick Karle’s achievements and awards in his career?

– Rick Karle has won 25 regional EMMY awards, was honored as a Silver Circle member in 2023, and received the Mel Allen Media Award from the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

4. What motivated Rick Karle to make this decision to leave the station?

– Rick Karle attributes his decision to leave WVTM to personal lifestyle considerations. After 43 years in TV news, he’s looking to make a change.

5. What are Rick Karle’s future plans or aspirations after leaving WVTM Channel 13?

– While humorously considering various options, including writing a book or becoming a Walmart greeter, Karle is looking forward to a period of rest and exploring new opportunities.


Rick Karle’s departure from WVTM Channel 13 marks the end of a remarkable career in broadcasting. His decision, influenced by personal lifestyle considerations, opens up new horizons for him, leaving a legacy of dedication and contribution to the field of sports broadcasting in Alabama. As we bid farewell to a beloved figure, we can only anticipate what exciting adventures await in his future.

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