Is Roman Kemp Leaving Capital Radio? Why is Roman Kemp Not on Capital Today? Who is Roman Kemp?

by Moore Martin

Is Roman Kemp Leaving Capital Radio

Is Roman Kemp Leaving Capital Radio

Roman Kemp’s Departure from Capital Radio

Roman Kemp, a familiar voice on Capital Radio’s breakfast show for seven years, is at the center of rumors regarding his departure from the station. Despite no official confirmation from Kemp or Capital, speculation is rife about his potential exit, with Jordan North being rumored as his replacement.

Roman Kemp: A Media Personality

Roman Kemp’s presence in British media extends beyond his role at Capital FM. Since 2014, Kemp has captivated audiences with his engaging hosting style on the radio. Additionally, his appearances on BBC One’s The One Show and participation in reality television, like I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, have showcased his versatility and charm.

Reasons Behind Roman Kemp’s Absence

Kemp’s absence from Capital Radio today fuels rumors about his departure. While the station has not officially confirmed his exit, the signs suggest a significant change in the morning show lineup. This transition marks the end of an era for the breakfast show, prompting curiosity among listeners about the future direction of Capital FM.

Roman Kemp’s Future Endeavors

As speculation swirls about Roman Kemp’s next career move, his loyal fanbase anticipates seeing him thrive in various broadcasting or entertainment roles. Whether he remains in radio, explores television further, or ventures into new platforms, Kemp’s impact on the industry is expected to endure.


Roman Kemp’s potential departure from Capital Radio signifies the end of a chapter for the station’s breakfast show. While uncertainty looms over his next steps, Kemp’s legacy as a prominent media personality is set to continue, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.


  1. Is Roman Kemp leaving Capital Radio voluntarily?
    • Reports suggest that Roman Kemp is leaving Capital Radio after seven years of hosting the breakfast show, but it’s not yet officially confirmed.
  2. Who will replace Roman Kemp on the Capital FM Breakfast Show?
    • Jordan North is rumored to replace Roman Kemp on the Capital FM Breakfast Show.
  3. What other shows has Roman Kemp hosted?
    • In addition to his role at Capital FM, Roman Kemp has also presented The One Show on BBC One and participated in the nineteenth series of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!
  4. Where can fans expect to hear Roman Kemp next?
    • While Roman Kemp’s next career move has not been officially announced, fans can anticipate seeing him in various broadcasting or entertainment roles in the future.
  5. Will Roman Kemp continue his podcasting endeavors?
    • It’s unclear whether Roman Kemp will continue podcasting, but his experience as an avid podcaster may lead to future podcasting projects.

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