Is SEO Worth The Expense?

by Glenn Maxwell

Invest in SEO Australia ! That’s the first piece of advice most businesspeople receive upon entering the online world. This is a bit of great advice and here’s why:

Search engine optimization, aka SEO, is an online marketing process that helps websites appear among the top search engine results.

Why is it so important for websites to appear at the top? Because online searchers, who could be your prospects, generally interact with the businesses that appear among the top search results.

They rarely dig deep and go through the second or third page. Their idea is that “if it isn’t on the first page, it doesn’t exist.”

This is why businesses that rank among the top search results get the most eyeballs and carve the biggest piece from the online prospects pie.

Search engines are the first thing people turn to whether they are looking for a product or a service. And appearing at the top allows your business to interact with a customer that is already halfway through the sales process.

But even then, many businesses remain skeptical of SEO – the master key to unlocking search engine-driven visibility. Many factors leave people wary of it and push them towards other options.

First and foremost, SEO takes time. Your SEO campaign can take anywhere from six months to a year, sometimes even longer, to get your website an appreciable rank.

A solid SEO campaign builds on thorough research and demands consistent hard work. Companies offering consulting in internet marketing and SEO services implement their strategies and continue testing and tuning them to keep the optimization cycle running. This takes time.

It is almost impossible to know whether your SEO investments would yield any profit initially. This is another aspect of SEO that keeps business owners at bay.

People want immediate results and with SEO, they can’t have that. So they have no way of finding out if their efforts are working or not.

Eventually, if you work with the right experts and stay patient for long enough, you may see some signs of success.

But SEO results just aren’t delayed. They are not guaranteed either. No one, not even the most expensive SEOs, can promise you the number one position in the search results.

A top rank is just one of the benefits of SEO. But the uncertainty of its realization leads business owners to ignore the rest of the more certain perks.

Another critical reason most business owners, especially small to medium scale ones, stay far from good quality SEO is the cost. SEO is expensive. And the price tag of a solid SEO campaign sometimes seems too big for business owners to find profitable.

Even though SEO may cover its cost and then some within a year of investment, with results manifesting over a long time, businesses find it hard to see why it would be worth investing in in the beginning.

The changing search engine algorithms increase the ambiguity that often taints SEO by rendering proven SEO best practices useless, sometimes overnight.

With these changes, websites often suffer in the search results as algorithm updates may turn best practices into illegitimate or Blackhat tactics.

Therefore, when doing SEO, you need to be active and closely follow search engine updates so you are better able to rescue your website before it falls at the hands of a massive algorithm change.

These drawbacks often lead to business owners questioning the viability of SEO. Is it really worth the expense?

Many small and medium businesses that wish to generate warm online leads without bearing the expense of running ad campaigns tend to see the benefit of SEO.

But if you are still unsure about SEO and its vitality for your unique business, Landau Consulting, a NJ SEO consulting company, has created this infographic for you. Check it out to see why SEO might be your best business investment and how professional SEO companies can help you.


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