Is Steve Sarkisian Fired? Why Did Steve Sarkisian Leave Washington? Who is Steve Sarkisian?

by Moore Martin

Is Steve Sarkisian Fired

In the world of college and professional football, few names have sparked as much interest and controversy as Steve Sarkisian. From his early days as a player to his current role as the head coach of the University of Texas at Austin, Sarkisian’s journey has been marked by ups and downs, triumphs and controversies. In this article, we will delve into the intriguing story behind Steve Sarkisian’s departure from Washington and uncover the reasons behind his coaching journey that led from Washington to Texas.

Is Steve Sarkisian Fired?

In 2015, Steve Sarkisian faced termination from the USC Trojans, a decision made by athletic director Pat Haden. This termination wasn’t based on a single issue but rather a culmination of factors. Despite leading the Trojans to victory in the previous season’s Holiday Bowl, challenges arose with a 3-2 start in the following year. However, the turning point in Sarkisian’s career at USC was a troubling incident during a team meeting.

During this incident, Sarkisian allegedly appeared intoxicated. This raised concerns about his well-being and professionalism, ultimately leading to his termination. Pat Haden cited a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol use as the reason for Sarkisian’s firing. It’s worth noting that Sarkisian was also facing allegations of alcohol-related incidents during his tenure at the University of Washington.

The Legal Battle

In response to his termination, Steve Sarkisian filed a $30 million wrongful termination lawsuit against USC. However, the legal battle didn’t play out in his favor. The lawsuit was later moved to private arbitration, where Sarkisian ultimately lost his case. This legal dispute further added to the perplexity surrounding his departure and left many wondering about the details of his time at USC.

Post-USC Career

Following his departure from USC, Steve Sarkisian didn’t stay out of football for long. On February 7, 2017, he took on the role of offensive coordinator for the Atlanta Falcons. However, his tenure with the Falcons was marked by fluctuations in scoring output. In 2017, the team’s average points per game dropped from 33.8 to 22.1. While there was improvement in 2018, with the team averaging 25.9 points per game, Sarkisian was fired as offensive coordinator on December 31, 2018.

Who is Steve Sarkisian?

Steve Sarkisian is more than just a name associated with controversies. He is an American football coach and former player with a diverse and impactful career. He played college football as a quarterback at Brigham Young University (BYU) and later professionally with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the Canadian Football League (CFL).

Full Name Steve Sarkisian
Date of Birth March 8, 1974
Place of Birth Torrance, California, U.S.
Playing Career El Camino College (1993–1994), BYU (1995–1996), Saskatchewan Roughriders (1997–1999)
Position (Player) Quarterback
Coaching Debut El Camino College (2000, QB Coach)
Notable Coaching Roles USC, Washington, Alabama, Atlanta Falcons, Texas
Championships 1 Big 12 Championship (2023)
Awards AP Big 12 Coach of the Year (2023), Sammy Baugh Trophy (1996), Broyles Award (2020)
Current Position Head Coach, University of Texas (since 2021)
Current Conference Big 12
Head Coaching Record Overall: 71–49, Bowls: 2–4

Sarkisian’s coaching career has taken him to various institutions, including USC, the Oakland Raiders, and the University of Washington. Notably, he led the University of Washington’s football team from 2009 to 2013 and USC from 2014 to 2015. His coaching journey has been characterized by both successes and challenges, and his impact on the world of college football is undeniable.

Steve Sarkisian Career

Steve Sarkisian’s journey to success in football is a fascinating one. He initially started as a non-scholarship middle infielder on the USC baseball team but later switched to football at El Camino College. His football career took off as a redshirt freshman, earning him All-Mission Conference honors.

From 1995 to 1996, Sarkisian played college football at Brigham Young University, where he became a standout quarterback. His senior year was particularly remarkable, leading BYU to a 14–1 record and earning him the WAC Offensive Player of the Year title and a second-team All-American nod. His impressive performance in the Cotton Bowl Classic sealed a historic season for the Cougars.

After a brief stint in the Canadian Football League (CFL), Sarkisian transitioned to coaching. He started at El Camino College in 2000 and quickly climbed the coaching ranks, eventually joining USC and the Oakland Raiders.

In 2009, he became the head coach at the University of Washington, where he revived the football program and achieved notable successes. Sarkisian later returned to USC as the head coach in 2014, facing both triumphs and controversies.

He also had a successful stint as the offensive coordinator for the University of Alabama, where he received the prestigious Broyles Award in 2020. In 2021, Sarkisian took on the role of head coach at the University of Texas at Austin, marking the latest chapter in his eventful coaching career.

Steve Sarkisian Age

Born on March 8, 1974, Steve Sarkisian is currently 49 years old. His career has spanned both playing and coaching roles, making him a prominent figure in football circles. Despite facing challenges along the way, Sarkisian’s contributions to the sport have solidified his status as a notable figure in both collegiate and professional football.

Steve Sarkisian Net Worth

Steve Sarkisian’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. His primary source of income comes from his extensive coaching career in college football, earning him recognition from sources like Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. During his time as the head coach of the USC Trojans, his net worth reached about $2.8 million.

His coaching roles at the University of Washington and USC played a significant role in building his financial success and enhancing his reputation in the football community. As of 2023, his net worth slightly decreased from the estimated $6-7 million in the previous year. Sarkisian’s recent position as the University of Texas Football Head Coach further solidifies his financial standing in the realm of college football.

Why Did Steve Sarkisian Leave Washington?

Steve Sarkisian’s departure from Washington in 2015 was marked by controversy and legal disputes. USC Trojans’ athletic director Pat Haden fired Sarkisian after he took an indefinite leave of absence due to health issues and concerns about his behavior. This included allegations of him appearing intoxicated at a practice.

USC placed Sarkisian on a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol use, and reports of previous alcohol-related incidents at the University of Washington further complicated matters. Despite his legal battle with USC, Sarkisian eventually lost the case, leaving many unanswered questions about the circumstances surrounding his departure.

Is Steve Sarkisian Fired – FAQs

  1. Is Steve Sarkisian Fired? As of now, Steve Sarkisian is not fired; he is actively coaching the Texas Longhorns.
  2. When did Steve Sarkisian start his coaching career? Steve Sarkisian began his coaching journey in 2000 as the quarterbacks coach at El Camino College.
  3. What awards has Steve Sarkisian won in his coaching career? Sarkisian received the AP Big 12 Coach of the Year (2023), Sammy Baugh Trophy (1996), and the Broyles Award (2020).
  4. How many championships has Steve Sarkisian won as a head coach? Steve Sarkisian secured one Big 12 Championship in 2023 while coaching the University of Texas.
  5. What is Steve Sarkisian’s current position and coaching record? Sarkisian is the Head Coach at the University of Texas (since 2021), boasting an overall coaching record of 71–49.

In conclusion, Steve Sarkisian’s career has been a rollercoaster ride of achievements and controversies. His departure from Washington and subsequent legal battle with USC left a mark on his coaching journey. However, he has persevered, and his current role as the head coach of the University of Texas at Austin signifies a new chapter in his football career.

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