Is Trace Lysette Transgender? Trace Lysette Wiki, Bio, Age, Height, Parents, Nationality And Everything You Need to Know!

by Moore Martin

Is Trace Lysette Transgender

In this article, we delve into the life and career of Trace Lysette, a transgender actress, producer, and activist who has made significant contributions to the entertainment industry. From her early life to her advocacy for transgender rights, we’ll explore her inspiring journey.

Who is Trace Lysette?

Trace Lysette, a remarkable figure in the entertainment world, is an American actress, producer, and activist known for her influential contributions. Born in Liberty City, Miami, Florida, to an African-American mother and a Haitian father, her journey was marked by challenges. Facing discrimination and violence in her youth, Lysette courageously left home at 15, paving the way for her unique path to success.

Early Career

In the early 2000s, Lysette embarked on her acting career, gradually earning recognition through roles in independent films and TV shows. However, her breakthrough came in 2014 with the Amazon series Transparent, where her portrayal of Shea garnered widespread acclaim.

Transgender Advocacy

Beyond her acting talent, Lysette stands as a fervent advocate for transgender rights, using her platform to speak against discrimination. As a trans woman, she openly embraces her gender identity, serving as a role model for many and emphasizing the importance of authenticity in her impactful journey.

Trace Lysette Nationality

Trace Lysette is an American actress, producer, and recording artist. She was born on October 2, 1980, in Lexington, Kentucky, and grew up in and around Dayton, Ohio. She is also of African-American and Haitian descent.

Trace Lysette Age

Trace Lysette was born on October 2, 1981. She is 43 years old.

Trace Lysette Height

Trace Lysette’s height is around 5’8″ and her weight is approximately 63 kg. She has an athletic build and is often seen in bodycon dresses and crop tops that show off her curves. She is not afraid to flaunt her body and is a proud advocate for body positivity.

Trace Lysette Career

Trace Lysette has had a remarkable career, making waves in the entertainment industry as a transgender actress. She first gained attention through her role as Shea in the Amazon series Transparent, where she publicly embraced her identity as a trans woman.

This breakthrough led to her major film debut in the widely acclaimed movie Hustlers alongside Jennifer Lopez. Beyond her acting achievements, Lysette is a passionate advocate for transgender representation in Hollywood.

She has been actively involved in initiatives such as the filmed letter to Hollywood and served as an Executive Producer for the documentary series Trans in Trumpland.

In 2021, she ventured into the music scene, releasing a hip-hop single titled “SMB,” and also delved into podcast hosting with Harsh Reality, exploring the 2004 dating show, There’s Something About Miriam. Lysette’s multifaceted career showcases her talent, advocacy, and creative contributions to the entertainment world.

Is Trace Lysette Transgender – FAQs

  1. Is Trace Lysette really transgender? Yes, Trace Lysette is openly transgender and has embraced her identity, contributing to increased visibility for trans individuals in the entertainment industry.
  2. When did Trace Lysette come out as transgender? Trace Lysette publicly came out as transgender through her role as Shea on the Amazon series Transparent, which debuted in 2014.
  3. What significant roles has Trace Lysette played in the entertainment industry? Trace Lysette starred in Transparent, played a pivotal role in the box office hit Hustlers, and appeared in various TV shows, music videos, and films.
  4. How has Trace Lysette contributed to transgender advocacy? Lysette has actively advocated for improved and more diverse roles for transgender individuals in Hollywood, participating in initiatives like the filmed letter to Hollywood.
  5. What other projects has Trace Lysette been involved in outside of acting? Trace Lysette served as an Executive Producer for the documentary series Trans in Trumpland and explored music with the release of her hip-hop single “SMB.”

In conclusion, Trace Lysette’s journey as a transgender actress, producer, and advocate is nothing short of inspiring. Her courage, talent, and commitment to promoting transgender rights have left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. As she continues to break barriers and make her voice heard, her impact on the world of entertainment and advocacy is sure to grow.

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