Is Vic Rauter Sick? What Really Happened to Vic Rauter? Where is Vic Rauter at the Scotties 2024?

by Moore Martin

Is Vic Rauter Sick

Is Vic Rauter Sick

Vic Rauter, a prominent figure in Canadian sports broadcasting, remains an integral part of TSN’s curling coverage, despite rumors suggesting otherwise.

Vic Rauter’s Absence at the 2023 Brier

Contrary to speculation, Vic Rauter’s absence from certain matches during the 2023 Brier is not due to health concerns. TSN’s decision to split play-by-play duties between Rauter and Bryan Mudryk is a strategic move aimed at providing comprehensive coverage of the tournament. This arrangement ensures that viewers receive varied and engaging commentary throughout the event.

Vic Rauter’s Role at TSN

As one of TSN’s seasoned curling broadcasters, Vic Rauter brings a wealth of experience and insight to the network. His collaboration with Bryan Mudryk exemplifies TSN’s commitment to delivering top-notch coverage of curling events, with both commentators showcasing their expertise to enhance the viewing experience for audiences.

Who is Vic Rauter?

Vic Rauter’s illustrious career spans over 25 years at TSN, where he has become synonymous with curling coverage. His authoritative yet engaging style has earned him widespread acclaim among fans, solidifying his status as a beloved figure in Canadian sports broadcasting.

What Happened to Vic Rauter?

There have been no significant developments in Vic Rauter’s career beyond his continued dedication to TSN’s curling coverage. Despite not being the sole play-by-play announcer for every match, Rauter’s contributions to the broadcasting team remain invaluable, underscoring his enduring commitment to the sport.

Vic Rauter at the Scotties 2024

At the Scotties Tournament of Hearts 2024, Vic Rauter assumes a pivotal role as one of the play-by-play commentators, alongside Bryan Mudryk. Together, they provide insightful commentary and capture the excitement of each match, enriching the viewing experience for fans tuning in to the prestigious curling event.


Vic Rauter’s continued presence in TSN’s curling broadcasts reaffirms his status as a respected and cherished figure in Canadian sports media. His dedication to the sport and his commitment to delivering high-quality commentary resonate with audiences nationwide, ensuring that curling fans receive the best possible viewing experience.


  1. Is Vic Rauter participating in the 2023 Brier?
    Yes, Vic Rauter is involved in the 2023 Brier, sharing play-by-play duties with Bryan Mudryk.
  2. Where is the 2023 Brier taking place?
    The 2023 Brier is held at the Budweiser Gardens in London, Ontario.
  3. Who are the analysts accompanying Vic Rauter at the Scotties 2024?
    Russ Howard, Joanne Courtney, and Cathy Gauthier are the analysts joining Vic Rauter at the Scotties 2024.
  4. Is Vic Rauter sick during the 2023 Brier?
    No, Vic Rauter is not sick; his absence from some matches is due to a scheduling arrangement with Bryan Mudryk.
  5. When does the playoff stage occur at the 2023 Brier?
    The playoff and page playoffs for the 2023 Brier take place on March 10-11.

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