Is What Does the Fox Say Singer Ylvis Dead? Know About Bård Ylvisåker Funeral Video

by Moore Martin

Is What Does the Fox Say Singer Ylvis Dead

In a recent online buzz, rumors started circulating about the passing of Bård Ylvisåker, the renowned singer of “What Does the Fox Say.” These speculations were triggered by a peculiar video where he was seen lying in a coffin during a funeral scene. However, it has been clarified that this video was a part of a VGTV series titled “Thank you for everything, Bård Ylvisåker,” and Bård Ylvisåker is very much alive, with the clip being created purely for comedic purposes.

The Rumor Mill

The internet is a breeding ground for rumors, and it takes only a spark to set it ablaze. In this case, the spark was a video clip that led to widespread misconceptions about Bård Ylvisåker’s well-being. The video portrayed him lying motionless in a coffin during a funeral scene, creating a whirlwind of speculation and sadness among his fans and the online community at large.

A Staged Funeral

The truth behind this video lies in its origin. It was not a real funeral but rather a staged event as part of the VGTV series “Thank you for everything, Bård Ylvisåker.” In this fictional scenario, Bård Ylvisåker himself attended his own funeral. The scene featured a musical performance by other artists before the unexpected happened – he emerged from the coffin, much to the amazement of everyone present.

Viral Confusion

The realism of the video was striking, and this led to its viral spread on social media platforms like TikTok and YouTube. Many people genuinely believed that the beloved Norwegian singer had tragically passed away. The emotional impact of the video was powerful, given the context, and it left viewers in a state of bewilderment and disbelief.

Setting the Record Straight

Thankfully, the confusion was short-lived as one of the performers involved in the video, Snorre Monsson, took to Instagram to clear the air. He explained that the entire event was designed for humor and entertainment purposes, emphasizing that Bård Ylvisåker was alive and well.

Embracing Humor in Unconventional Ways

In an interview, Bård Ylvisåker himself expressed his amusement at the concept of the staged funeral. He viewed it as a unique and lighthearted approach to entertainment. He underlined the fact that death is a natural part of life and that humor can be a valuable tool to navigate sensitive topics. His willingness to participate in such an unconventional event showcases his open-minded and creative approach to his career in entertainment.


In a world where information can spread like wildfire, it’s essential to verify the authenticity of news and videos before jumping to conclusions. In the case of Bård Ylvisåker, a staged funeral video temporarily led to widespread misinformation and sadness among fans. However, the truth is that the singer of “What Does the Fox Say” is very much alive and well, and the video was simply a creative and humorous endeavor.


1. Is Bård Ylvisåker, the singer of “What Does the Fox Say,” dead?
No, Bård Ylvisåker is not dead. The rumors about his death were based on a video clip from a staged funeral scene for a TV series.

2. Where did the funeral video circulating online come from?
The video was taken from the VGTV series “Thank you for everything, Bård Ylvisåker,” where Bård participated in a fictional funeral for comedic purposes.

3. Why did the funeral video cause confusion?
The realistic appearance of the funeral scene led many on social media platforms, such as TikTok and YouTube, to believe that Bård Ylvisåker had genuinely passed away.

4. What was the purpose of the staged funeral in the VGTV series?
The staged funeral was part of the entertainment series and served a humorous and creative purpose, showcasing Bård Ylvisåker’s willingness to engage in unconventional approaches to entertainment.

5. Did Bård Ylvisåker actually emerge from the coffin in the video?
Yes, after a musical performance by other artists during the fictional funeral, Bård Ylvisåker emerged from the coffin and was interviewed as part of the staged event.

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