Is William Clifton Missing? What Really Happened To William Clifton?

by Moore Martin

Is William Clifton Missing

Is William Clifton Missing


The mysterious disappearance of William Clifton, along with David McMicken and Michael Norman, in 1982 has puzzled many for decades. Recently, a significant development has emerged, shedding light on their fate.

Disappearance of William Clifton and Others

In December 1982, William Clifton, David McMicken, and Michael Norman vanished after leaving a bar in Chocowinity, North Carolina. They were last seen driving Clifton’s 1975 Chevrolet Camaro.

Recent Discovery of a Submerged Car

A car resembling the one driven by the missing men was discovered submerged in a creek in Washington, North Carolina. Despite its poor condition, human remains were found inside, sparking hope of closure for the families.

What Happened to William Clifton?

Speculations abound regarding the fate of Clifton and his companions, yet concrete evidence remains elusive. The discovery of the car raises more questions than answers.

How Was the Car Found in the Creek?

The car’s retrieval was facilitated by the efforts of a YouTuber, Jason Souhrada, who used sonar equipment to locate it. This breakthrough marked a significant turning point in the cold case investigation.

Circumstances Surrounding the Disappearance

The circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Clifton, McMicken, and Norman have baffled investigators for over four decades. Rumors of foul play circulated, but without tangible evidence, the case remained unsolved.

Missing Individuals Linked to the Discovered Car

William Clifton, David McMicken, and Michael Norman were the individuals linked to the car found in North Carolina. Their disappearance gripped the community and authorities for years.

Hope for Closure

The discovery of the car and human remains offers hope for closure to the families of the missing men. DNA testing will provide conclusive evidence, potentially bringing an end to decades of uncertainty.


The case of William Clifton’s disappearance, alongside David McMicken and Michael Norman, has endured for over 40 years. While the recent discovery of the car brings hope, questions remain unanswered. The resolve to uncover the truth persists, offering solace to those affected by this enduring mystery.


  1. What was found in a North Carolina creek related to a 1982 cold case?
    Human remains and a car matching the one driven by three missing men were discovered in a North Carolina creek, potentially providing clues to their decades-old disappearance.
  2. Who were the missing individuals linked to the discovered car in North Carolina?
    The missing individuals linked to the discovered car in North Carolina were William Clifton, David McMicken, and Michael Norman, who disappeared after leaving a bar in 1982.
  3. How was the car found in the creek?
    The car was found in the creek after a YouTuber with sonar equipment detected a vehicle in the water and alerted authorities, leading to its recovery.
  4. Were the human remains identified?
    The human remains found inside the car have not yet been identified, but authorities are confident they belong to the missing men and are conducting DNA testing for confirmation.
  5. What was the condition of the car when it was recovered?
    The car was in poor condition, heavily damaged, and submerged in the creek for a significant period, making identification challenging.

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