Is xQc Arrested? Who is xQc? Which esports team was xQc a part of?

by Moore Martin

Is xQc Arrested

The internet is a vast space, filled with rumors and misconceptions, and one recent piece of gossip involves the famous online streamer, xQc. You might have heard whispers about xQc getting arrested at a house party, but let’s set the record straight – these rumors are simply not true. It was all a misunderstanding stemming from a video discussion about someone else named Maximus Win. xQc has not been arrested; it was just a mix-up in the conversation in the video.

Who is xQc?

xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, is a well-known figure in the online world. Hailing from Canada, he has made a name for himself by playing video games and interacting with his audience as he plays. His online journey began with the game League of Legends, where he used the humorous alias, “xQcLoL.” Later, he transitioned to the game Overwatch, adopting the moniker “xQcOW” to signify his affinity for the game.

He’s a friendly and engaging personality, primarily on the Twitch platform, where he connects with a large audience. People enjoy watching him play games and value his insights and humor. While rumors and stories about him occasionally circulate, like the supposed party incident, most of these are not grounded in reality. In essence, xQc is just an ordinary guy who became famous for playing games and bringing laughter to the online community.

Name Félix Lengyel (xQc)
Date of Birth November 12, 1995
Age (as of 2023) 27 years
Country Canada
Profession Online streamer and former Overwatch player
Streaming Platforms Twitch, Kick
Esports Career 2016–2019 in Overwatch
YouTube Subscribers 2.32 million
Twitch Followers 11.9 million
Kick Followers 556 thousand

xQc’s Age

As of 2023, xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, is 27 years old. He was born on November 12, 1995, in Canada. Over the years, he has garnered a massive following by playing games and engaging with people online. He’s a significant figure in the internet world, particularly among younger audiences who relish watching his streams and videos.

xQc’s Career

Before rising to internet stardom, xQc, also known as Félix Lengyel, had a fascinating career. He was a professional player in the game Overwatch, competing for the Dallas Fuel team. However, his journey was not without its ups and downs. He encountered some challenges and had to leave the team during a season. Following this, he decided to focus on what he loved most – playing games and connecting with people online. This decision led him to Twitch, where he began streaming regularly.

His charismatic and entertaining streams quickly gained a substantial following, and xQc transformed into a big star on the internet. He streams himself playing games, and a diverse audience eagerly tunes in to watch and listen to his unique blend of humor and insights. He’s even signed significant deals to stream on various platforms. Despite facing challenges in the past, he has successfully turned his career into a thriving one as an online streamer. People adore him for being himself and for making them laugh while playing games.

Is xQc Arrested? Who is xQc? – FAQs

1. Is xQc arrested?

No, the rumors of xQc being arrested are not true. It was a misunderstanding from a video discussing someone else.

2. Who is xQc?

xQc, also known as Félix Lengyel, is a popular Canadian internet personality known for playing video games and interacting with people online, especially on Twitch.

3. When was xQc born?

xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, was born on November 12, 1995.

4. What games does xQc play?

xQc is known for playing various games, including Overwatch and League of Legends, and interacting with his audience while playing.

5. Which esports team was xQc a part of?

xQc was part of the Dallas Fuel team in the Overwatch League, though he faced some issues during his time with the team.

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