Joining MineplexMinecraftServers!

by Glenn Maxwell

For joining Minecraft servers, one needs to find the best minecraft servers and grab their IP address. Start your game, go on the ‘multiplayer’, and choose’add a server. To go further, one needs to pop in the IP address and name the server. Click done before going back to the server list and finding the desired server, after which one needs to go for ‘join server’ to get yourself to a new world with those who like the respective server or block. ser

Know More About Them

Let us now know in depth about some of the Best minecraft servers in detail:

  • Mineplex Servers

Mineplex, the largest server of Minecraft in existence. Containing various zones and arenas for various game types. The mineplex is all time populated by thousands of players.

  • Grand theft Minecraft

This is a pretty simple minecraft server; players are in a metropolitan city and can do whatever they want, for example, they can get a job, get a haircut, drive a car, get a taxi, etc.; most of the things that we can do in the real world can be done in this server.

  • Brawl

Brawl is the Minecraft battle royale server. It is the best server for those who miss the thrill of shooty-bang-gang of the game of the call on duty.

  • Minescape

Minescape or Minecraft RPG server is designed to look like the modern best MMOs.  Minescape has taken its inspiration from RS3 and OSRS so to create comfort at home.

  • Miniwind Server

The goal is quite easy or simple, and it requires you to survive as long as you can. Don’t expect any pleasant experience from the minewind server.

  • PixelmonCraft

It is considered one of the servers. The pixulmon mod is the theme on Pokemon. This server can prove that Minecraft’s blocky beauty is the perfect place or home for Pokemon games.

  • Among Us Performium

Minecraft and the other among us are amongst the most popular games throughout the world. One can avail the among us Minecraft maps to play with their friends.

  • Minr

Zero. Minr, the Parkour server is filled with a huge variety of maps which are challenging. Minecraft Parkour requires skill to work, but it can bring great pleasures. It is certainly amongst the best servers for free-run.

  • PirateCraft

Build, sail, plunder in the PirateCraft. It is the server dedicated to the age of theft and scurvy. It is amongst the most ambitious servers. In this, the ship can be built and can also be sailed across the sea, mounting cannons are possible, then it can be used for firing at animal vessels.

  • HypixelMinecraft

HypixelMinecraft servers are full of creating minigames, including crops and crimes land, even the murder mystery. It’s SkyWars mode, an important PvP that takes over the server of Minecraftskyblock.

  • Desteria

Amongst the Minecraft faction server, the class system and level of desteria the best Minecraft server. Light any huge RPG, desteria is also a house for some environment around.

Some of the Minecraft servers are considered Best minecraft servers; many other Minecraft servers are considered best, so choose according to your convenience and capabilities. Happy Gaming!

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