Here’s A Journal Prompt For Every Emotion You Might Be Feeling Right Now!

by Glenn Maxwell

How’s It Going, Really?

Journaling isn’t the glamorous habit I allow it to be out to stay in my thoughts. I picture luxe hard-bound volumes filled with pristine, poetic calligraphy compiled by candlelight before beginning. Reality finds me sitting sleepily inside a robe, writing nonsense into spiral-bound notebooks until my coffee takes over. My primary arrange for a regular hour of cataloging my greatest ideas has switched into 15-minute increments of jotting things I’m irritated about, interrupted by telephone-checking and wandering to pet my rabbits.

“There aren’t any counterarguments or invalidations within my notebook-only the raw form of who I’m, the pros and cons.”

Despite the fact that it isn’t picture-perfect, I still cherish my own writing since it offers us a spot to be fully myself, the whole time. There aren’t any counterarguments or invalidations within my notebook-only the raw form of who I’m, the pros and cons. I suggest the habit of smoking to anybody who enjoys writing or that has questions regarding themselves that remain unanswered. I even authored helpful information for how to begin a diary here, if you’ve never attempted the practice.

Once we take more time within our own worlds (both exterior and internal), our feelings are altering frequently. We’re small spoons floating inside a minestrone of feelings, scooping up new flavors through the minute-some we love to, some we don’t. It’s difficult to understand everything.

So should you prefer a little help processing, I’ve pulled together journal prompts for each feeling within my current emotional repertoire. If there’s a feeling I’m missing, place it in to the comments below and we’ll uncover a prompt for you personally!


It can be hard to string together cohesive sentences when feeling restless or keyed up. Rather, try making a summary of everything in your sight that you simply appreciate. If you want some thing actionable, you may make a summary of activities which make a poor day feel good.


Everyone’s feeling this to some extent: anger at individuals ignoring public safety and health, anger at Twitter (like a general whole), anger at yourself because of not being more lucrative. Inside your journal, contemplate this: What’s your anger trying to let you know with regards to you? Could it be calling you to definitely fare better, or perhaps is it inviting you to definitely practice empathy? Maybe your anger is reminding you of the values, or possibly it’s a indication of private areas that also take some inner work.


If there’s something coming that you simply can’t wait to see or are involved about, have a breather and concentrate on the present moment. Exactly what does the word ‘embodiment’ mean for you, and how can you prefer to take action? Talk about the physical things you accomplish that cause you to feel linked to people, things, and nature.


We sometimes may feel mild anxiety because of the inability to control outcomes. It may feel halting, putting the mind on loop, and delivering your body into fight-or-flight mode. Structured journaling (or art therapy) might help us feel more managed.

Do this: Write lower time-stamps and create a “perfect day.” Pre-plan everything you’d do within a typical day should you be operating at the peak. When you are done, produce a second schedule, one that’s in achieve for you personally at this time. Be sensible, practical, and generous with breaks (it’s okay if perhaps one factor will get done every day!) So how exactly does it feel to become kind and generous on your own within this exercise? Are you able to extend that to yourself from the page?

If you are experiencing severe anxiety, achieve to your physician or perhaps a counselor. Now and try to, it’s okay to inquire about help and also to find support in counseling, medicine, or whatever matches your needs.


Kudos for recognizing that this is exactly what you’re feeling. Inside a world where “feeling everything” rules, it’s very easy to feel shame if you are getting trouble feeling anything more. It’s not necessary to pressure emotion you are able to rest as it were.

“How are the talents distinctively positioned to help make the world a much better place?”

Spend time listing the ways you’ve helped others inside your existence. Then, think about this: How’s it going helping now? Or, how are the talents distinctively positioned to help make the world a much better place? Connect the dots between what you’re able to and just what the planet needs.


This can be different from indifference-consider monotony as feeling without action, and indifference as action without feeling. Spark ideas for how to proceed by wondering an icebreaker-friendly question: If you may be highly trained in something overnight, what will it be? Would you need to be noted for this skill, or ensure that it stays on your own? Once you’re done journaling, find out if there’s any method for you to start to learn that very skill.


You may be feeling surprisingly chill at this time. That’s excellent! Are you able to share some with all of those other class? Create a lengthy and winding reaction to this: What exactly are you researching yourself in this season of the existence?


Maybe you’ve accomplished something huge at the office, or possibly you’re just extra-caffeinated. Make use of the mood and bolster yourself for additional difficult days ahead by answering this: Do you know the words you have been waiting all of your existence to listen to?


On days you cannot handle all the ideas bouncing around in your thoughts, it’s okay to embrace the wildness. Grab your preferred creative writing tool (like colorful gel pens or perhaps collaging scraps) and write every word which comes for your mind, whether or not they form full sentences or otherwise.

“Set a timer and allow your stream of awareness trickle out to the paper.”

Set a timer and allow your stream of awareness trickle out to the paper. (Or, for additional structure, mind for creative writing prompts). Once the timer rings, go through your ideas.

Circle repeated words or styles, and if you possess the additional time, create why individuals styles are approaching for you personally. There’s no right answer here, and that’s the purpose.


Journaling will help you self-soothe through bouts of depression, but it isn’t a remedy. If you are depressed, please know you’re not alone and achieve out if you’re able to. Ending up in a counselor (even virtually) can equip you with increased specialized prompts for reflection. Just like with anxiety and then any mental health concern, there isn’t any shame in seeking support.

Here’s a prompt that explores hopefulness and healing: Imagine you awaken eventually and all sorts of your troubles are solved. Talk about how you’ll feel tomorrow and just what you’ll do. Invite the celebration.


Narrate an unforgettable date, or create an imaginary one. Write view you need to feel, the language you need to hear, the way in which you’d enjoy being kissed. Alternately, make a list of the turn-ons as well as your turn-offs to obtain more knowledgeable about your intimate preferences.


Disappointment may be the distance between expectations and reality. In case your reality isn’t quite performing, try analyzing your expectations. Create why it is you are disappointed-what outcome had you been wishing to for, and just what exactly fell apart within the real outcome? Name the or even the mindsets that missed the objective, and look at the best way to support your personal development in these areas. And when another person disappoint you in in a certain style, how will you appear on your own by doing so today?


Yep, that one is a nice universal feeling nowadays too. When you are feeling like you’ve given everything you have and received nothing in exchange, search for the hidden wins. Explore the long run form of yourself in present tense-on the other hand of whatever “this” is, who’re you? Introduce you to ultimately yourself using “I am” statements I’m resilient, I’m a dog parent, I’ve disposable earnings. Enable your cynicism have a break, and merely enjoy the arrogance these statements are providing you with.


Humans can handle abhorrent behavior, and you will be feeling consumed because of it. Seek just a little respite by covering the occasions you’ve made others happy. What jokes have you ever told, or doorways have you ever held, or lengthy telephone calls are you currently present on? Talk about how cheering up someone else made you are feeling. Can you’re doing so again?


“When fear insists upon concentrate on what’s missing, divert your focus on what’s abundant.”

Lift up your hands should you not feel fear about what’s happening on the planet. No elevated hands? Okay, same. Now, grab your journal and get yourself these questions: How have others offered you generosity? And how will you show generosity to another person at this time?

When fear insists upon concentrate on what’s missing, divert your focus on what’s abundant.


When confronted with global grief, it’s not necessary to list out things that cause you to feel pleasure. It is not fair, and ignoring grief perform it disappear.

Rather, put words and names to each single factor you’re mourning at this time. Make use of your writing in an effort to “look grief within the eye” and acknowledge it. Hold space for that big things, and hold space for that tiny problems, too. Your grief is individual and different. No-one can deny you your method of processing-if you need to write exactly the same grievance 100 occasions, get it done. That’s among the beautiful reasons for a diary: It’s a large-open space, waiting to carry anything that burdens your heart.


Hurt requires vulnerability and tenderness-and doesn’t always get solved by writing. First, explore just what is painful for you at this time, and allow your heart break open around the page. Nobody ever needs to read, and due to need to revisit. Let it. But when that’s only making the hurt worse, find your softest blanket, your preferred snack, along with a soothing book, movie, or playlist and merely rest.


Should you haven’t seen injustice in your neighborhood or perhaps in your country this season, I lightly encourage you to definitely look just a little harder. And when you’re reeling out of this feeling, you’re not alone. Our journals are a good spot to examine our feelings, but they’re also a terrific way to break lower our very own complicity in racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and much more.

“Write about why your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic health are essential and essential to you and also for your community.”

Make use of your journal to carry yourself accountable-what exactly are areas you’ll need more education in? Examine your rights, list them, and sit together. How’s it going trying to extend exactly the same rights to everybody else? Tooting our very own horns to be “the good ones” within our journals is counterproductive and perpetuates dangerous behavior. Dig much deeper.

Should you not experience rights (in a single way, some methods, or every way), make use of this space to validate and affirm yourself. Talk about why your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and economic health are essential and essential to you and also for your community. Because all are worthy and important.


Sometimes the very best pep talk originates from yourself. What exactly are you proficient at? Why is you unique? Fill an entire page with compliments with regards to you. If the brings tears for your eyes, it’s okay. Same here. But keep pushing-you’ll look for a rainbow of excellent characteristics just past the rain.


Interact with your dreams as well as your wants whenever you feel inspiration flowing. You might find that you could better picture the particular steps perfectly into a goal when you are feeling inspired. Write responses towards the following, and find out where they get you: What have you imagine doing growing up? Exactly what do you imagine doing now? What is the common thread together?

More self examination

Make use of the days you’re filled with thought, and explore some time travel. Write lower what age you’ll be in ten years, and just how old you had been ten years ago. What else could you inform your more youthful self, and what is your opinion your older self will tell them about you?


Everyone on social networking appears to become living their finest existence, don’t they? When jealousy and envy begin to overtake you, the reason is that feelings are less about others and all sorts of in regards to you. Don’t take that personally! (Well, technically, you need to go personally.)

“Use your jealousy like it’s a compass it points you to definitely where your values and aspirations lie.”

Rather, sit together with your notebook and create wherever this sort of feeling are going you. Make use of your jealousy like it’s a compass it points you to definitely where your values and aspirations lie. What’s these feelings suggesting about where you need to go next?

So that as you’re journaling, when you are jealous of something which doesn’t align together with your interests, invite you to ultimately ignore it by writing, “good on their behalf, not for me personally.”


Exactly what a blessing to feel pleasure at this time! Embrace this having a playful heart. Remember a contented memory out of your past-maybe it’s jumping right into a pile of fall leaves growing up, or possibly it’s the night time you danced until 3 a.m. together with your college roommates. Increase the celebration inside your heart, and create the storyline of this experience. How will you bring that feeling to another person today?


If you are unable to be around individuals who cause you to feel loved and seen, write an entry that calls upon their warmth. What compliments have you ever caused by them? From other people? Wouldso would your nearest buddies describe you to definitely their buddies and family?

If it’s difficult to get warmth from others to upon, realize that that’s okay. Rather, make use of things that give you support-the floor below your ft, the breath supporting the body, the glass of plain tap water in your desk. Then, transfer to making self-validating notes: I trust myself, I belong here, I’m good. Basically, write your love note in kind and affirming language.


Nostalgia can pain both in good ways and bad ways, but in either case, we are able to find objectivity inside it. Excavate recollections allowing yourself free-write (or scrapbook!) in regards to a lovely amount of time in your past. Begin with an intense memory, then expand onto it by reflecting on whom you were with, exactly what the weather was like, what clothes you had been putting on, the meals you had been eating-that will help pull-up other recollections from that point. Remember these moments you’ve forgotten and write them lower in writing which means you always remember them again. Take proper care of yourself along the way.


“Make a summary of your values, and do a comparison to what’s presently stressing you out of trouble.”

When everything seems like it’s an excessive amount of, it always implies that there’s an excessive amount of. Recalibrate. Create a list of the values, and do a comparison to what’s presently stressing you out of trouble. Muse on which plans you could possibly cancel, or what projects you are able to request extra time on.

In case your overwhelm is rooted in the other party’s expectations, talk about the way your values might vary from their own. What is the compromise? Must you set a couple of more limitations?


As hard once we try, we can not alter the past. But we are able to explore the gorgeous ways that we are able to grow from individuals stuff that we regret. Think about: “How can my regrets illuminate my future?” You may also practice writing self-forgiving things while you process individuals regrets, allowing you to ultimately release a few of the harsh ways you’ve judged yourself previously.


You’re cordially asked to pour your heart out to the paper before you. When you are done covering the heavy things, dedicate some space to what’s still good. What went today? Even when everything appears wrong, describe one moment that things went right, like whenever you made a tasty cup of jasmine tea.


“What would be the words you most have to listen to someone you trust?”

Whether it’s the mirror or it’s the face on a Zoom call, it’s very easy to become harsh to ourselves about the way you look, seem, act, etc. We’re all face-to-face with inside us different options than ever before, and self-judgment comes easily. Therefore if you’re feeling self-critical, write a summary of stuff you like regarding your appearance-hype yourself up!

If you’d prefer not to concentrate on the way you look, think about: Do you know the words you most have to listen to someone you trust? Be specific, direct, unabashed.


Consider relief: So how exactly does it appear for you personally? Describe the sensations, the ideas, the way in which your body and mind feel when you have it. Maybe it’s the relief of delivering an e-mail you’ve required to send, or possibly it’s the relief of having what’s promising in regards to a loved one’s health. Explore it, describe it, welcome it.


If you are reeling from shock or surprise, it may be difficult to place the experience into words. Rather of attempting in summary a sense, examine the way you taken care of immediately the big event. Then think about, how have you ever surprised yourself lately?


Filled with doubt? Unsure what to do next or what’s coming? Invite some ideas from the more youthful form of yourself. Exactly what does the 17-year-old form of you consider where you’re at? Request a viewpoint. You will possibly not develop a solution, but it’ll enable you to get considering an issue from the new perspective.


“Write lower the difficulties you have overcome.”

Mark Twain allegedly stated, “Worrying is much like having to pay a personal debt you do not owe.” It doesn’t always prevent us from feeling like we’re overdue. During occasions like individuals, search for proof of your resilience that will help you undertake worry.

Write lower the difficulties you have overcome and just what characteristics you’ve that helped you thru.

Do you feel something it is not about this list? Drop it within the comments below and we’ll reply having a journal prompt!

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