Self-Care Practices You Can Do At Home, Based On Your Enneagram Type!

by Glenn Maxwell

Mindfulness, Meditation, and Self-Choose To Practice In Your Own Home

The Enneagram is really a useful tool for self-understanding and growth (learn your type here), also it can be especially helpful for understanding ourselves amongst the pandemic.

“The Enneagram is really a useful tool for self-understanding and growth.”

When we permit it, the Enneagram can educate us about our subconscious responses and our emotional triggers. It may illuminate new pathways for all of us, too-roads that may guide us inward, to our true selves.

Regardless of your number, everybody can usually benefit from incorporating mindfulness, meditation, and self-care to their days. While I have outlined specific strategies for each kind, the Enneagram is not reductionist. Should you read strategies for other figures that you simply feel works well for you personally, adopt them as the own. These power tools can serve many of us when we permit it.

Enneagram One

“Release your lists, well-meaning resolutions, and want for control.”

Dear Ones, this is the time for stillness. Resist the need to maneuver, to repair things, and also to brainstorm methods to solve the world’s problems. The very best and just factor that you can do at this time would be to release and just be. This moment is what it’s. Release your lists, well-meaning resolutions, and want for control. Rather, pay attention to your inner truth and have the feelings being held from your body. If you are feeling frustration or anger, don’t write it off. Rather, find out anger what it must educate you. And rest. Have permission to become still.

Self-Care Strategies for Ones:

Look for lighthearted activities while in your own home. Be playful and simple on yourself.

Support small companies and social organizations. This can be a small method for you to hand back for your community making right the wrongs on the planet.

Whenever you feel anger developing, don’t push it lower. Let feelings rise towards the surface and get them what they educate you regarding your desire to have control and order. Journal that will help you process.

Enneagram Two

“Hold space for all those difficult feelings you’re experiencing at this time.”

Dear Twos, while you crave connection and feel the world using your heart lens, if you notice feelings of guilt and shame rising towards the surface in this season. You’re likely feeling eager to take proper care of others, also it pains you that you simply can’t exist to secure your family members.

Hold yourself rather, and hold space for all those difficult feelings you’re experiencing at this time. Practice tallying to solitude you will find to self. Embrace yourself with similar warmth and kindred spirit that you simply offer to other people. Time can come again when you are able provide the world your ex and empathy for the time being, practice loving yourself.

Self-Care Strategies for Twos:

Practice a regular solitude practice. Try yoga, morning walks, or embodied meditations.

Do kind things on your own during the day. Talk to yourself with similar love and empathy you include others.

Prepare your preferred meals, relax with a brand new novel, and purchase self-care rituals.

Enneagram Three

“Allow illusions to become uncovered and erased, and employ this moment being an chance to go back to yourself.”

Dear Threes, the finest gift you are able to have in this months are pause. While you frequently find it difficult to project and perform in an effort to earn love, now’s as soon as to cease presentation. Quiet and stillness are waiting.

By searching inward and hearing your true self, you will see that love was ever present, as well as your masks only hide the actual you. Be encouraged with this, and interact using these harder facts. Allow illusions to become uncovered and erased, and employ this moment being an chance to go back to yourself.

Self-Care Strategies for Threes:

Name your true feelings. If you are feeling exhausted, declare that emotion as true and acceptable. Anything you are feeling, allow that be. Resist the need to produce a false self with regard to others.

If you are working at home, maintain limitations. Clock out and in when you are designed to. Avoid checking your email or addressing work-related matters outdoors of economic hrs.

Try these screen-free hobbies and media diet strategies for remaining balanced and grounded.

Enneagram Four

“Watch for that morning light and receive small joys, making space to grieve within the harder hrs.”

Dear Fours, you carry among the heavier lots of all Enneagram types, while you bare the load of unity. You are feeling a lot at this time-for the family and buddies, but in addition for other people and city and other people far around the world.

As hard because it is, lean in to these feelings. Avoid withdrawal and detachment, and exercise presence by having to pay focus on daily nuances. Watch out for the morning light and receive small joys, making space to grieve within the harder hrs. Rest in solitude and take proper care of yourself.

Self-Care Strategies for Fours:

Search for the sunshine and grab your hands on it. Make use of a gratitude journal to record small joys to combat heavier feelings.

Embrace activities to face up to withdrawal or detachment. Avoid dehydration, take walks outdoors, and unveil your yoga pad for daily stretching and meditation.

Enlist a secure person or try online therapy to assist with navigating your ideas and feelings.

Enneagram Five

“Now is time for you to unplug.”

Dear Fives, now’s time for you to unplug. With increased information than ever before circulating this news, the web, and social networking, it’s urgent that you simply agree silence. It’s there that you will uncover the void you have been trying to fill with information isn’t as empty because it appears. You’ve always had the solutions you have been trying to find. Make room with this truth and switch inward instead of taking in the endless content and chatter.

Self-Care Strategies for Fives:

Recognition your passion for big questions and knowledge by embracing journaling that will help you process.

Promote your passion for learning with internet classes.

Set healthy limitations and resist consumption mode, as it can certainly be a coping mechanism. Use meditation and mindfulness to assist with quieting your ideas and embracing the current moment.

Enneagram Six

“Observe and accept your requirement for a safe and secure atmosphere without letting it drive you.”

Dear Sixes, you lengthy for security and stability-each of which seem like they’ve been stolen of your stuff. This latest reality might be triggering feelings of tension and distress, and you’re likely running circles around your mind at this time.

This moment is definitely an invitation to prevent, to pay attention, and also to study from these fear-driven feelings. Observe and accept your requirement for a safe and secure atmosphere without letting it drive you. Nervousness isn’t in control you’re. Build relationships and embrace silence this is when you discover strength. When you can’t control the planet or make your preferred outcome, you are able to agree this moment and also to yourself.

Self-Care Strategies for Sixes:

Make use of a agenda for stability. Below are great tips for maintaining routine amongst stress.

When feeling anxious, name your fears. Speak them aloud or write them lower.

Use meditation and breathing apps for cultivating silence.

Have a tidy space: help make your bed every morning perform the dishes. If you are working at home, cleanup the office area when you’ve clocked out. Avoid unnecessary chaos, particularly in this year.

Enneagram Seven

“Resist the need to organize the party when ever this really is throughout.”

Dear Sevens, it’s fairly simple you’re the Enneagram number battling probably the most with altering pandemic limitations. You might find yourself psychologically getting away more frequently than in the past while you dream of all of the places you’ll go and all sorts of adventures waiting for on the other hand of the.

Furthermore, you’re doing all of your better to avoid discomfort and suffering. While you will find ordinarily a million distractions to prevent you from sitting using the heavier feelings, it’s showing difficult to draw attention away from yourself nowadays. But that’s the invitation. The planet needs you here, at this time. Pick the present moment over future ones.

Self-Care Strategies for Sevens:

Resist the need to organize the party when ever this really is throughout. Stop browsing cheap flights to faraway places. Rather, secure yourself to the current moment. Make use of this deck or their list to include mindfulness to your day.

Spend some time outdoors while following social distancing rules.

Snag some organic spices from around the globe to assist curb that travel itch.

Enneagram Eight

“Allow vulnerability to escape due to you and to help you within this season. ”

Dear Eights, you might feel frustrated and angry about what you can’t change or control on the planet at this time. You want you could do this something to repair this. You need to fight-for that underdogs and individuals most influenced by damaged systems. But we need fight on your own at this time. This can be done by releasing control and consenting to stillness. Immobility feels abnormal and frightening, but this is when the actual work begins. Within this moment of pause, you are able to practice presence and mindfulness, having to pay focus on individuals you like and also the space you occupy. Allow vulnerability to escape due to you and to help you within this season.

Self-Care Strategies for Eights:

Take proper care of the underdogs through financial support an internet-based advocacy. If means allow, donate to organizations such as these: Feeding America, WHO, and Sweet Relief.

The need to do this is the cue to meditate. Try these conscious breathing exercises to assist process frustration or anger.

When you are feeling especially antsy, choose a run or ride a bike. Obtain the bloodstream pumping to obtain from your mind and back to the body.

Enneagram Nine

“You lengthy for peace and, at this time, the planet feels not peaceful.”

Dear Nines, you lengthy for peace and, at this time, the planet feels not peaceful. You’re the only number around the Enneagram which should resist an excessive amount of rest while in your own home. That’s not saying you shouldn’t embrace the stillness of the hour, but instead the world needs you to definitely be alert and mindful. Rest and sleep may become coping mechanisms and ways that you should retreat in the harder and heavier feelings. Don’t close this article, though. Lean in and acknowledge the numerous feelings happening inside your existence.

Self-Care Strategies for Nines:

Utilize sources and rituals to assist structure your entire day and you alert throughout this year. Take morning walks, exercise, explore creative projects, meditate.

Practice promoting for the wants, whilst in your own home. Decide about dinner and voice your thinking. Resist “going using the flow.”

Consider fostering a dog! Getting someone to look after can keep you grounded, alert, and offer.

Make sure to be compassionate on your own during this journey, and particularly in this season. Lean to your feelings and interact with sources from Enneagram teachers they are able to help guide to about this journey.

And knowing your type and also have found other practices useful, I’d like to learn about them within the comments below! ?

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