Know the Importance of Risk Assessment and Prevention

by James Martin




In any business establishments, owners should always perform risk assessments to be assured that the workplace is safe for the employees as well as the visitors. They are obliged to comply with the given requirements of the government if they want to operate or not. Of course, if the premise is unsafe, then the government will not allow it to do business because it will only put many lives at risks.


What is Risk Assessment for Fire Incidents?


A company should come up with a systematic plan for risk assessment and prevention that they will use when facing an emergency like fire. The goal of the assessment includes the following.


  • Figure out the things that could possible cause fire
  • To get rid of any hazards or to somehow alleviate the risks
  • To identify what precautions are needed when fire occurs and to assure the protection of people


For small businesses, simple and limited rules or safety measures may be required yet for larger premises, complex rules are needed. If ever that there are changes made within the area, the assessment should be repeated for the safety of the employees or anyone who visits the premise. Legal requirement is also needed if there is more staff on the area and they also have to record and inspect the premise.


Prevention for the Occurrence of Fire


Despite the fact that a business complies with the risk assessment and prevention imposed by the government, it doesn’t necessary mean that there will be no possibility for them to experience fire. Remember that there are different factors that could lead to fire and some of them can be due to negligence or brought about by the changing weather condition.


Prevention will always be better than looking for a remedy. Though you can never control some situations, doing actions to prevent it from happening is already a big thing. If you want to prevent the occurrence of fire within a workplace, then you should assure that the structure is made up of quality materials. You also have to equip the area with tools that can be used when fire occurs. Training your employees on what actions to do during fire can prevent the situation from getting worst. And last but not the least you should always call for help from the Fire Watch Guards because they know exactly what to do to eliminate the fire.











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