KRÜ DaveeyS Obituary: What happened to KRU Esports’ Daveeys? – Get Into Detail !

by Carter Toni

Santiago “DaveeyS” Ruiz, a talented Valorant footballer, tragically died at 23 years old. The team he played for, KRU Esports, has confirmed the heartbreaking announcement. DaveeyS was known for being one of the top gamers within the South American Region, and the Valorant community has come in expressing their sincere condolences as well as sympathy to the family and friends of Santiago in this time of sorrow.

KRÜ DaveeyS Obituary

KRU DaveeyS Obituary

Santiago “Daveeys” Ruiz, the skilled professional Valorant player was born on the 2nd of September 2000 at Bogota, D.C., Colombia. Tragically, he was about to turned 23 prior to his tragic death. Despite his age Daveeys had already made an imprint upon his place in the Valorant game scene. It was a sport loved by a lot of. His unwavering dedication, extraordinary talent, and love for esports was an inspiration source for many fans and players alike. Daveeys was a vital player for KRU Esports, having joined the team in the month of October 2022. He was known for his dedication and humble personality He was extremely proud in representing his region and country in the world stage of Valorant. His legacy as a committed Esports player will surely be a source of inspiration and influence for gamers everywhere.

Gaming fans are feeling an immense loss because Santiago “Daveeys” Ruiz, an experienced Valorant professional who plays for KRU Esports, tragically passed in his early years at the aged of just 23. While the exact cause of his death that could be related an organ malfunction, hasn’t been confirmed by the authorities but the esports world is extremely saddened by the heartbreaking news. The news of Daveeys’s death was announced via KRU Esports on their Facebook page as well as Megatron Esports paid a heartfelt tribute to Daveeys:

“It is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to an emerging star in the world of esports, DaveeyS. Today, we join with the gaming community in mourning the loss of this remarkable talent. At only 23, DaveeyS has already made an imprint upon his Valorant scene, leaving his name on the game that we all cherish. His unwavering commitment, exceptional abilities, and love for esports provided source of inspiration for countless gamers and players who are aspiring.

Although we will never get the pleasure of watching his stunning plays or important moments in the server in the future DaveeyS’s story will live on forever in our hearts and the game he adored so much. Our thoughts and prayers are with DaveeyS’s family and friends as well as team members of KRU Esports during this challenging moment. We wish him peace. DaveeyS I am sorry to hear that you have passed away however, your spirit will continue to serve as a source of inspiration to all of us.” Written by Megatron Esports

Daveeys started his journey into esports with Lazer and quickly rose up the ranks of Lazer’s Latin American North region, becoming one of the best Duelist players. It was in 2022 in the Chamber meta when he was truly shining and showcased his amazing skills in the Agent and his most well-known role, Raze. Daveeys became the main player on his E-Xolos Lazer team, dominating the Latin America North region throughout the entire season. Even with E-Xolos Lazer not getting a spot at international VCT tournaments, and the beginning of the franchising era 2023 Daveeys continued to be a sought-after player in the Valorant Latin American scene. The team recognized his potential and KRU Esports swiftly recruited this young talent.

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