Lakhbir Singh Rode Dies In Pakistan Due To Heart Attack: What led to Lakhbir Singh Rode’s demise in Pakistan?

by Moore Martin

A significant news story is currently making headlines on the internet, drawing the attention of people worldwide. It revolves around the passing of Lakhbir Singh Rode, a well-known figure associated with the Khalistani movement, in Pakistan. Lakhbir Singh Rode, who was 72 years old at the time of his demise, was a controversial figure due to his alleged involvement in the 1985 bombing of the Air India jet Kanisshka. He also held the position of a self-proclaimed leader of the International Sikh Youth Federation and was the nephew of the slain Khalistani militant, Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. Many are eager to learn more about the circumstances surrounding his death and his obituary. What exactly transpired with Lakhbir Singh Rode, and what led to his demise? In this article, we will delve into the details.

Lakhbir Singh Rode’s Passing in Pakistan

According to reports, the demise of Lakhbir Singh Rode has been confirmed by his brother and former Akal Takht Jathedar, Jasbir Singh Rode. He was cremated in Pakistan recently. It’s important to note that Lakhbir Singh Rode was listed as an “individual terrorist” under the Unlawful Activities Act and had sought refuge in Pakistan. The news of his passing has created a buzz on the internet, prompting varied reactions from the public. In the following sections, we will provide more comprehensive insights into this news.

Based on the available information, the National Investigation Agency’s special court in Mohali has issued an order for the seizure of land owned by Lakshbir Singh in Punjab’s Moga district. This action was taken under the provisions of the Unlawful Activities Act, which allows a judge to confiscate both movable and immovable property belonging to a proven offender involved in serious crimes. Lakhbir Singh Rode was known for his close association with the Pakistan-based ISI, with the intent to disrupt peace in India. Continue scrolling to discover further details about this news development.

A Troubled Past

Furthermore, Lakhbir Singh Rode’s life was marked by several controversial activities. He was linked to the tiffin bomb modules that were dismantled by the Punjab police in recent years. Additionally, he was identified as the key conspirator behind the Ludhiana Court blast in 2021. Shockingly, he was also implicated in the planning of the killing of Shaurya Chakra awardee Comrade Balwinder Singh in 2020, as per reports. His involvement in various unlawful activities has consistently grabbed headlines. With the news of his demise spreading on the web, many were left stunned and deeply affected.

In compiling this article, we have gathered information from various sources to ensure that our readers receive a comprehensive overview of this news. We will continue to provide updates if any further details emerge. Stay connected with us for the latest developments.


The passing of Lakhbir Singh Rode in Pakistan has stirred conversations and debates across the globe. While some view it as the end of a controversial chapter, others remain curious about the repercussions and implications of his actions. As with any significant news event, it is essential to stay informed and engaged with reliable sources to gain a deeper understanding of the situation.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Who was Lakhbir Singh Rode, and what was his role in the Khalistani movement? Lakhbir Singh Rode was a controversial figure associated with the Khalistani movement. He was accused of involvement in the 1985 Air India jet Kanisshka bombing and held leadership positions in various Sikh organizations.
  2. What led to Lakhbir Singh Rode’s demise in Pakistan? Lakhbir Singh Rode passed away due to a heart attack in Pakistan, as confirmed by his family members.
  3. What legal actions have been taken in relation to Lakhbir Singh Rode’s assets? The National Investigation Agency’s special court in Mohali has ordered the seizure of his land in Punjab’s Moga district under the Unlawful Activities Act.
  4. What were some of Lakhbir Singh Rode’s notable criminal activities? Lakhbir Singh Rode was linked to the planning of various unlawful activities, including tiffin bomb modules, the Ludhiana Court blast, and the killing of Shaurya Chakra awardee Comrade Balwinder Singh.
  5. Where can I find updates on this news story? For the latest updates on this news, you can stay tuned to reliable news sources and our website.

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