Learn more about heatmaps and their types!

by Glenn Maxwell

It is essential to learn what heatmaps areas have been used by various websites. Numerous websites use them to show data using several colors as closing systems to depict different values. It has helped to make the process of knowing which section visitors have been interested in or have clicked on, till now they have scrolled through the website, etc. It is a boon for those who have created website sites and planning to do so as it can help them track their visitor’s moves, understand their likes and dislikes, get to the root of it and make necessary changes to attract more users.

Types of heatmaps

You should be aware of various types of heatmaps before creating your website. These types are as follows: –

  • Click tracking heatmaps: – This is the most famous form of heatmaps as it records and informs the owner of the website where visitors have clicked the most. It tells them what part of the website lured them into exploring more about it. With its help, you can create a more engaging website surfing experience for your users.
  • Scroll maps: – This is also quite popular on my I’d like the website you have created has to have a length. It tells the website owner about how far the user has scrolled down the page and where they were interested in the page. It can help you review the rest and make necessary changes.
  • Hover maps: – it tracks the movement of the user’s mouse on the webpage. However, this process has a drawback: even if the mouse is constant on a single line, it does not mean that the user was reading the same line. Therefore, it is not an exact process.
  • Eye-tracking heatmaps: – Eye-tracking methods can only be done in laboratories to experiment with the eye movement of the user on a webpage. It can also be done with the help of webcams. However, this does not also provide a high level of accuracy.
  • Confetti heatmaps: – This includes knowing more about the users who have clicked on your page. You can know from which sources or referrals these users are coming from and from. that understand which source provides you with the most users. Now you can either. Rate content to attract more from other sources or cater to the needs of the particular sources that have been providing you with the most users to attract more of them.

More about heatmaps and their features

It focuses on or analyses the behavior of the users to know what their likes and dislikes are and likewise informs the user what all changes are required. It is the only way to improve their content and get more users. It enables the website owners to analyze the user’s experience and endeavor to enrich their experience with their website by catering to the target audience’s needs. It also enables you to track the sessions in real-time. You can even record the users’ sessions and save numerous of them without worrying about the space, as it is available adequately. To know more about web site recording, feel free to do your research.

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